Goznak is the leader of the rating of ecological and energy efficiency of the Russian companies18.11.2012

“Interfax-ERA” Agency has published the rating of Russian companies showing how wisely they consume the energy necessary for their production activity and what impact on the environment they make. Having analyzed the results provided by 150 companies, the rating compilers put Goznak on the first place of the final list.

“Interfax-ERA” has carried out detailed research for the 12th time. The previous rating was published last year. Goznak occupied the fifth position of 100 companies analyzed.

The rating the leader of which Goznak has become was concluded according to the results of the ecological policy and energy-saving measures realization during the period of 2005 – 2011. It was during these years that Goznak carrying out its activity based upon the Strategic Plan of the Enterprise Development undertook substantive steps to achieve high ecological and technological efficiency.

The programme of power saving and energy efficiency for the period till 2020 is developed and successfully implemented at Goznak. The engineering infrastructure is gradually perfected, power-effective equipment and computer-aided systems of energy resources technical and commercial informational and counting recording are installed at the branches of the Enterprise. The modernization of illumination systems, heat power plants, heat-consuming equipment is accomplished.

Improvement of the ecological policy f the Enterprise is among the not less important tasks for Goznak. In January 2011 Goznak received the international certificate compliance of the Company’s ecological management to the requirements of International Standard ISO 14001:2004. It was during the preparation to the certifying procedure that the Enterprise developed “The ecological policy of Goznak”, ecological standards and other regulatory documents successfully applied in its daily activities. Already in September 2010 Division of Environmental Protection and Power Saving was created at Goznak. There is an environmental specialist in the staff of each branch. The specialists were trained in the basics of the production ecology. 40 employees of the Company are qualified as inner ecological auditors. Modern equipment on the level of the best world standards, application of high-tech and low-toxic materials in the production, understanding that every participant of the production process has an effect on both power saving and ecology enhancing – these are important components of the success achieved by Goznak.
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