The postage stamp of the Russian Federation "The Visit to Russia", produced by the craftsmen of Goznak, became the best stamp at the competition within the framework of the program EUROPE 201204.09.2012

On the philatelic forum held at the exhibition PLANET TIMBRES in the Parc floral de Paris, the chief of the Post administration of the United Nations, Mr. David E. Feylor announced postage stamps of the Russian Federation, "The visit to Russia" as the winner of the Jury Prize competition for the best brand of the Europe 2012 program.

All in all 55 stamps were presented at the competition. The structure of the competition jury included experts in the field of philately: David E. Feylor (Post administration of the United Nations); Vita Frankova (philatelic expert, Czech Republic); Juergen Hapers (philatelic expert, Switzerland); Stefan Klein (designer, Germany); Olaf Noymann (designer, Germany); Martin Mork (designer, Sweden); Botond Sdzhebi (PostEurop, Belgium).

It was really difficult to choose the most beautiful stamp according to the EUROPE  2012 program because of a big variety of attractive and thought-over stamps , - the president of jury David E. Feylor noted. Finally the jury chose a stamp from Russia because of its tempting plot, high quality production and an excellent symbolic image. The postage stamp performed remarkable work for advance of a subject of tourism.

The jury prize will be awarded during the Philatelic Belgian Grand Prix, which is to be held in Brussels Town Hall on 22 September 2012. "The visit to Russia" stamp appeared in the post circulation on 4 May 2012.

On the postage stamp there is a hostess of the house in Russian national dress, who meets guests with bread and salt.

The masters of the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak produced the winning stamp in the form of a sheet of nine stamps in the number of 360 thousand copies (45 thousand vintage sheets). Perhaps, the design solution was also evaluated - volume transition between stamps, giving the impression of integrity of the whole sheet.
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