Goznak has developed a counting and sorting machine BARS S5 of a new class10.01.2022

The new machine developed by the specialists of Goznak and its affiliated company BIS JSC boasts of high speed and excellent quality of banknote detection. 

When we started developing the composition of the new counting and sorting machine we evaluated a lot of variants and realized that it is necessary to create a principally new concept of the counting and sorting machine. The new BARS S5 is a floor standing, fast, maximally automated, relatively inexpensive machine of small size, emphasizes the Head of the Technical Competence Center of the Instrument-Making Directorate of Goznak Yuri Sivakov.

The machine creates a new, its own niche.

There have not been machines of the same class in the world until now, explains Mikhail Ardashov, the main constructor of BARS S5 counting and sorting machine, the Technical Director of BIS JSC an affiliated company of Goznak. As a result, we have received a counting and sorting machine with good performance, smaller dimensions and which is much cheaper than the big machines.

Besides, BARS S5 fits better than any other machines to be installed at cash offices for recounting different sizes because by varying the number of machines one can select the necessary performance and banknote processing reliability.

The new counting and sorting machine was developed to be applied at the Bank of Russia and banknote factories. It can also be demanded by central banks and factories of foreign countries, as well as large commercial banks.

BARS S5 counts banknotes with the speed of 20 banknotes per second, sorts them according to their decay, authenticates them at the expert level and arranges them into three categories (fit, worn-out/defective and ambiguous).

Moreover, worn-out or defective banknotes can be destroyed right inside the machine online. The operator participates in the machine work minimally.

Depending on where the machine is used, it can operate both with one face value (the technology of the Bank of Russia demands this approach) and with many face values (the mode demanded by the commercial banks first of all).

Because the machine is module, it is possible to increase the number of sorting pockets depending on tasks the bank or the factory is facing.

The powerful sides of all the counting and sorting machines of BARS family are the image and serial number detection quality

In BARS S5 counting and sorting machine, we have installed the best scanning devices available now and improved the software. As a result, we are sure that our machine will surpass all counting and sorting machines installed at the Bank of Russia and in the world in the image scanning quality and the serial number detection, Yuri Sivakov emphasizes.

The multi-level tests of BARS S5 that lasted for more than two months and included testing compliance to all the requirements of the Bank of Russia have been accomplished successfully. 

The machine can process more than 400 thousand banknotes per shift. If the destruction mode is on, up to 400 thousand banknotes are destroyed daily. At that, the machine does not require any technological breaks, it is ready to operate in the 24/7 mode, and its maximal productive capacity proved by the tests using the banknotes of the Bank of Russia is 67 thousand banknotes per hour.

The machine has also been recommended by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation for commercial banks. In the developers opinion, large commercial banks with big recounting offices and considerable flows of cash will also appreciate the opportunities of the new counting and sorting machine.

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