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Goznak has received CNews Award for the business model digital transformation 12.11.2021

Goznak has become a laureate of CNews Awards 2021 in the Business model digital transformation the company of the year category. The awarding ceremony took place on November 9, 2021 within the framework of the annual "CNews Forum 2021: Information technologies of tomorrow ".

CNews awards have been given annually since 2007. Companies representing brightest, most innovative and socially important projects in the field of information and communication technologies influencing the Russian IT and telecommunication market receive the awards.

The digital transformation of Goznaks business has been going on for quite a few years already. However, right now we are able to observe the way the digital potential we have laid in recent years is unfolding. In its time, Goznak was the first in Russia to realize the project of the digital brand protection system applied during the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi. We were also the first to certify data centers at the level of Tier III Facility in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. And finally, Goznak has launched the first and today the only service in Russia of biometric search for pets. All these and many other our IT projects demonstrate transformation of Goznaks business model from analogous to digital. In the future we see ourselves as accompany with broad business diversification and a large part occupied by digital services and products. An award of such a respectable edition as Cnews shows that we are on the right track, said Victor Barilkin, Deputy General Director of Goznak on State Customer Relations and Digital Development.   


Goznak was awarded thanks to a whole number of digital products and services offered by the company to the market recently within the framework of digital transformation of its own business.

Thus, during the recent years the company has been stepping up its presence on the data processing and storing market. Today the enterprise provides services of customers server hosting, virtual data center deployment as well as other cloud services on the created Goznak.Cloud platform. All that is based on the infrastructure of the companys two data centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg certified TIER III Facility Uptime Institute. The services of Goznaks Data Processing Centers are designed for large commercial and state structures. Among similar offers on the market, Goznak is characterized by individual approach to the clients demands, including an opportunity of adapting the already existing infrastructure to the customers needs.

The company also has unique competences and developments in the field of personal identification and verification using various biometric characteristics face image, its 3D model, fingerprints etc. Basing on these technologies, in the spring of 2021, Goznak presented an automated system of border control making the passengers border passing faster and safer. In the autumn of the same year, the company launched an online service of smart search for pets called The Lucky Tail with thousands of advertisements about lost and found pets already today.

In 2021, Goznak purchased 50% plus 1 share in Uniteller processing company thus expanding the range of offered digital services with payment services and solutions.

Finally, in 2021, the State integrated information system of precious metals and precious stones turnover control. Goznak is the operator and the developer of the system providing traceability of precious metals and stones as well as products made of them at every stage of turnover all over the country.

Realization of such a large number of IT projects motivated the company to create the Laboratory of Digital Solutions at the Perm Printing Factory. It is a developing center besides permanent employees attracting local freelancers and promising students of the leading technical higher educational institutions of Perm.

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