The Mints of Russia collections at the Moscow Financial Forum 08.09.2021

Goznak has presented jewelry accessories and a collection of commemorative medals of The Mints of Russia brand at the jewelry exhibition The Ministry of Finance of Russia at the origins of the Russian exhibition movement. The triumph of the Russian jewelry art

The exhibition opened yesterday within the framework of the 5th Moscow Financial Forum.

Among the exhibits of the brand, there are:

    White Nights ladies jewelry collection. The creative heritage of Goznak and exhibits of the Munzkabinet were the source of inspiration. Tokens and medals with the theme of day and night, the sun and the moon were chosen for the collection.  These images are the basis of the collection consisting of a necklace, earrings of silver with gold inserts and decorated with blue enamel.  


The history of The Mints of Russia brand starts with the foundation of the mint in Saint Petersburg under the order of Emperor Peter the Great in 1724. Using new technologies and the artistic vision of our craftsmen, the jewelers fit the centuries-old traditions into the modern life exquisitely.

The exhibition organizers are the Ministry of Finance of Russia and the Fund of Development of the Artistic Industry and Jewelry Art. The project is dedicated to the history of the Russian jewelry art.

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