Doors Open Day at the History of Money Museum - free entrance on September 401.09.2021

Goznak will celebrate its 203rd anniversary this Saturday. On this occasion, the History of Money Museum invites you to visit the main exposition of the museum and the Soviet coins from the New Economic Policy to Perestroika exhibition.

Goznak counts its history from the Expedition of Storing State Papers founded in Saint Petersburg under the Decree of Emperor Alexander I in 1818 specially for the production of paper money assignations. Today the company is a participant and a system integrator of complex joint industry state and commercial projects in Russia and abroad, a supplier of information technologies and services of the Data Processing Centers. Goznak is one of the key players on the international market of security products and related services.

The History of Money Museum created at Goznaks initiative and expense has operated in Anninskiy Cavalier of the Peter and Paul Fortress since 2016. Today it is the largest exposition dedicated to the history of the Russian currency circulation. It is based on objects from Goznaks collection including not only currency units put into circulation, but also project drawings of coins and banknotes, unapproved variants of banknotes, trial coins as well as tools for coin minting and banknote printing.


The museum visitors have an opportunity to hold the Russias largest commemorative coins in their hands. The coins are struck of 5 kilograms of pure gold and 5 kilograms of pure silver. One of the most remarkable objects of the museum is a tower made of one million of 1-rouble coins (it is more than three meters high). Multimedia technologies help the museum guests to receive information in a plain and convenient form the visitors have an electronic information and reference system, dozens of topical videos, interactive desks, thematic quizzes, games and multimedia books at their service.

A temporary exhibition called Soviet money from the New Economic Policy to Perestroika operates in the House of Fund Capitals (opposite the main exposition of the museum) until the end of 2021. It is dedicated to the history of soviet minting and timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the start of issue of the first all-Russian soviet coins in 1921. It features more than 650 objects reflecting the history of creation of coins of the RSFSR and the USSR sketches, trial coins, approved samples of coins and minting tools. Moreover, 70% of the exhibits have not been demonstrated to the public earlier, and many of them are in Goznaks collection only.


This Saturday, September 4, 2021, on Goznaks birthday, it is possible to visit both the main exposition and the Soviet coins from the New Economic Policy to Perestroika temporary exhibition free of charge.

Important notice: in accordance with the recommendations of the Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights, the number of visitors allowed to be inside the museum at the same time is limited. There are no group excursions on the Doors Open Day, but the museum employees will always be in the hall next to the most interesting exhibits, so it will be possible to ask questions and receive answers.

We would also like to remind that according to the regulations in force; all the guests should wear masks and observe safe distance.
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