The youngest branch of Goznak is 57 years old14.07.2021

The Perm Printing Factory – Branch of Goznakhas celebrated 57 years since its foundation. Today it is the largest enterprise of Goznak, a leader on the market of security products. There are no technologies connected with the banknote and security document production that the Perm Printing Factory does not possess. The Perm Printing Factory keeps pace with the speed of digitalization of the production and the society

In 2012, the factory mastered the technology of production of ID documents with dual interface.

In 2016, the Perm Printing Factory implemented the system of automated quality control of semi-finished sheets of banknotes.

In 2017, for the quality management control system of “MIR” payment cards was certified at the Perm Printing Factory and the conformity certificate was received

In 2018, the first IT products to help users of the products of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation saw the light at the Perm Printing Factory. The mobile applications developed at the Perm Printing Factory help to come to know the Russian banknotes in circulation, study their design and visual security features, receive the information necessary for their unaided authentication. An original software solution developed at Goznak is applied for banknote authentication.  

In June 2021, opening of the Program Product Development Center took place at the Perm Printing Factory.

In the nearest future, the main resources of the laboratory will be focused on the development of new functions of the state integrated information system in the field of precious metals and precious stones turnover control developed and operated at Goznak. Later on, it is planned to expand the range of products developed at the opened Center.

At the ceremony of opening the laboratory Arkady Trachuk, the General Director of Goznak emphasized that in Perm there are many talented and competent developers, young people with all necessary competencies for active participation in the Russian digital economy – skills, knowledge and aspiration to manifest themselves in the IT field.

“Goznak needs such people. In this city, our company has accumulated the largest team of developers. They create products and solutions applied all over Russia and sometimes even abroad”

Formally the Perm Printing Factory was put into operation by the order of the Minister of Finance of the USSR dated July 14, 1964. However, the factory traces its history to 1941. In that year, 204 units of equipment had been sent from the Moscow Printing Factory to Krasnokamsk. 646 people had been evacuated to Krasnokamsk, and many of them remained in the Perm Region after the war. They changed their place of living again in the 1960s together with the equipment and formed the core of the team of a new printing factory, already in Perm. 


During the wartime, the enterprise provided the state not only with banknotes but also with other printed products (bread cards, bonds, postcards etc.). At the end of the war, they also printed currency units for Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Hungary in Krasnokamsk.

The production was not interrupted during the relocation of the factory from Krasnokamsk to Perm. The enterprise also participated in executing the order of banknotes production for the currency reform of 1961.

 Today the Perm Printing Factory continues to make a large contribution into the work of Goznak by executing state, international and commercial orders.

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