Goznak has opened a laboratory for digital solutions in Perm 16.06.2021

Opening of a software program development center created at the Perm Printing Factory of Goznak took place on June 16, 2021. The digital solutions laboratory will help the company to involve freelancers working upon their own projects as well as talented students from the leading universities and colleges in Perm.   

Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Perm Region responsible for issues of information development, communications, tourism and youth policy Alexey Chrenikov and General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk took part in the opening ceremony.   

The digital solutions laboratory is located at the address: Perm, ul. Sovetskoy Armiy 9A. Comfortable environment for the developers consisting of four working areas, two recreation areas, a conference room and a coffee shop has been created in a two-stored building with the total area of 590 square meters. The center has been designed for 49 workspaces with all the necessary server equipment for machine training with the newest graphic adapters matching the neural networks training perfectly.    

Thanks to the digital solutions laboratory, Goznak is planning to involve freelancers in the development of its own digital products as well as students of the leading universities and colleges of Perm with further employment perspective in the company. Goznak signed an agreement for cooperation with one of the universities, the Perm State National Research University already in 2018. The parties are discussing the conditions and details of work of the university students at the laboratory.   

Besides involving external developers, the digital solutions laboratory is aimed at creating comfortable conditions for the on-site programmers of Goznak making it possible to implement the most cutting-edge methods of agile software development.  

In the nearest future, the primary resources will be directed at the development of new functions of the state integrated information system in the field of precious metals and precious stones turnover control developed and operated by Goznak. It is planned to expand the range of products based on the opened center later.  

 Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak:

“In Perm, there are many talented developers, young people with all necessary competences for active participation in the digital economy of Russia – skills, knowledge and aspiration to manifest themselves in the IT sphere. Goznak
needs such people. Our company has concentrated a large team of developers in this city. They create products and solutions that are later applied throughout Russia and sometimes even abroad. Due to that, at the same time with opening a new development center, we invite all those possessing expertise and feeling up to participate in the development of complex and interesting projects on a national basis”.   

 Please send your applications for participation in the work of the digital solutions laboratory to

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