Goznak has obtained control over an instrument-making company called BIS LLC09.06.2021

The deal has taken place on June 9, 2021. Based on its results, Goznak has obtained full control over Bank Innovation Systems (BIS) LLC.

BIS instrument-making company has unique competences and competitive advantages on the domestic market of hardware and software solutions for the support of security products (including banknotes) throughout its whole life cycle, starting with production and storage and ending with destruction. Single-copy banknote quality control systems designed by BIS LLC have been applied at the banknote production sites of Goznak since 2011. The company also supplies banknote counting and inspection equipment to the Bank of Russia.

The deal will allow Goznak to provide a lot of offline processes with its own equipment, thus excluding the necessity to address foreign suppliers in the future. In addition to that, the company is considering an opportunity of application of the technical base and experience of BIS LLC in creating and developing new ideas for the domestic and international markets of cash circulation and other products.

Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak:

The deal is a logical continuation of the strong interrelations between Goznak and BIS LLC that have been built during the past decade. Obtaining control over this company will allow us to diversify the range of offered solutions both in Russia and for foreign customers. We will now be able to offer both finished banknotes and a whole set of hardware and software accompanying circulation banknotes throughout their service life to our customers.   

For reference

Goznak is a company with a bicentennial history, a participant and a system integrator of complicated interpectoral state and commercial projects in Russia and abroad, a supplier of IT technologies and services based on the Data Processing Centers. The company is the largest banknote manufacturer in the Eastern Europe    (Smithers Pira, 2018), one of the 10 top leaders of the market of security printing (MarketsandMarkets, 2018), No. 21 in the rating of the Russian non-resource-based exporters (RA Expert, 2019). More than 7 thousand people are employed at the eight affiliated enterprises of Goznak located in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the Perm Region.

BIS LLC is engaged in developing complex solutions for the support of the whole lifecycle of currency units and other security products including production, sorting, recounting, storing, transporting and destruction. It is a project enterprise specializing in complex systems in the field of special printed products. The company has its own modern production site.

The companys clients include the Bank of Russia, Sberbank, other Russian commercial banks and foreign organizations. The equipment of BIS LLC is applied successfully in many cities of Russia and abroad (in Kenya, Costa Rica, Belarus and the Philippines).

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