Goznak has held Technologies & Trust: Security and Identification 2021 International Conference15.04.2021

Technologies & Trust: Security and Identification International Conference organized by Goznak in mixed format culminated on April 15.

The conference participants were greeted by Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation. He emphasized the role of digital technologies in the economy in his welcoming speech:

After the two century-long history of production of paper money and paper documents, Goznak is on the way to digital transformation today it creates and offers digital products and services on the market. Similar changes take place practically in all industries today.

The government facilitates digitalization too. Numerous projects that will have a significant effect both on the Russian economy and interaction of the man, the government and the business are being developed and launch today already.

The Deputy Minister expressed confidence that Goznak with its huge experience of protecting money against counterfeiting will also become a leader in protecting data in the digital environment.

In his speech Alexey Moiseev touched upon a number of important issues:

  • How far will the global digitalization go?

  • How to determine and protect the border between privacy and information security?

  • How to form a mans confidence in the digital environment?

  • What solutions should contribute to it?

David Rowan, a futurologist, and Frank Buytendijk, Vice President of Gartner's Data and Analytics group offered their answers to these questions.

David Rowan is sure that digital technologies are a resource available to everybody today. The technology itself is neutral. However, any technology can be used with good or bad purposes. In any case, we will get more and more involved into the digital environment. Speaking about risks, we should speak about how to form the conditions for knowing how our data are used and being sure that the data are protected, instead of reasoning about risks of the digital technologies. Trust is about psychology first of all.

Arkady Trachuk, the General Director of Goznak, specified the new opportunities of forming trust in the aspect of influencing hyper connectedness identification.

According to Arkady Trachuk, digitalization leads to reconception of trust:

- Beforehand, we could understand whom we can trust; however, now, in the hyper connected world, when people and devices exchange terabytes of information, it is very difficult to check the partners reliability.

At the same time, it is very important, Arkady Trachuk emphasized, to avoid digital estrangement when a man is included in an endless number of communications, but they refer to his digital presentation and the digital footprint becomes determinative.

- It is crucially important for a man, his physical entity to remain in the center of interaction and for devices only to supplement it. It is not less important to provide an opportunity for a man to manage his data with the help of devices or blockchain. In this case, we preserve the identity source and the man controls his digital self-presentation. This approach will make the approach flexible and the environment comfortable.

The specialists of Goznak unveiled the details of such sustainable digital solutions and the challenges of new projects.

Tatiana Kandelaki, the Digital Development Director, described the opportunities of digital services based on Goznaks cloud infrastructure..

Oleg Barsukov, the IT Director of Goznak, presented a project that attracted keen interest of the mass media representatives and the conference participants the technology of iris verification of a citizen.

- We continue working upon broadening the functionality of automatic passage based on biometric identification and the electronic document and we will soon present the technology of iris verification. We will also develop a biometric booth for the preliminary registration of foreign citizens, explained Oleg Barsukov. He said that Goznak continues developing the range of biometric solutions by adding biometric parameters like vein print and eye iris to it because these parameters have relatively high accuracy and resistance to remote unauthorized access.

The conference speakers and participants discussed the electronic ID, new approaches to storing physical and electronic documents as well as current issues of identification of a man and even animals.

The third session was dedicated to the project of the State Integrated Informational System in the Field of Precious Metals and Precious Stones Turnover Control launched on March 1, 2021. Participants of the state and public organizations and representatives of the jewelry market discussed the effects of the system implementation for the consumers, the business and the state and ways of efficient interaction between the jewelry market, the state and the consumers. The discussion participants discussed certain advantages and complications of the system implementation and evoked a warm response of the market participants.

Employees of the largest jewelry companies, representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Priokskiy plant of nonferrous metals, the Federal Assay Chamber as well as representatives of the IT and security printing fields of Russia and other countries.

The General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk described the multidimensional structure of the system embracing all aspects of circulation of precious metals.

While discussing the construction and development of the State Integrated Informational System in the Field of Precious Metals and Precious Stones Turnover Control, the panel discussion participants agreed that everybody will benefit from the system development, including the manufacturers, the sellers and the state, but the consumer first of all.

Technologies & Trust: Security and Identification 2021 International Conference continued the 15 year-old tradition of meetings of experts of the security products at the Watermark Conference.

The record of the conference broadcasting will appear at Goznaks YouTube channel.

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