The final issue of tokens is being prepared within the framework of the Rarities of the History of Money Museum series 08.02.2021

Web visitors of the History of Money Museum of Goznak have chosen coins to be depicted on the final tokens of the Rarities of the History of Money Museum series.


Online voting at the museum website lasted a month. About 150 people took part in it. The list included ten rare coins displayed in the museum exposition; three of them were to be chosen. As a result, the following coins received the majority of votes:


- 1 rouble of 1980, a trial commemorative coin dedicated to the 600th anniversary of the Battle of Kulikovo; 

- the trial silver rouble of 1762; 

- the trial 3-rouble coin of 1956.

According to the established tradition, the employees of the History of Money Museum chose the fourth coin it is the trial 5-kopeck coin of 1998 with the image of the Bronze Horseman.

    The complete Rarities of the History of Money Museum series  will consist of 24 tokens. 


Tokens of the series have been issued since 2018. Each of them is made of metal of the same color as the metal of the original coin.

Sketches of all the previously issued tokens of the series are made by the same author an artist of the Design Center of Goznak E.V. Kramskaya.

Tokens of proof quality are struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint Branch of Goznak.

Mintage of every kind of the tokens is 500 pieces. Collectable tokens of the Rarities of the History of Money Museum series are available at the Museum Shop.

Creation and production of tokens is a painstaking and labor-consuming process. After the web visitors have made their choice, sketches of the future tokens will be created at the Design Center of Goznak.

After that, tools will be produced and minting will start.

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