The first ladies jewelry collection of the Mints of Russia brand has come into the market 23.12.2020, the official webstore of the Mints of Russia brand, has started selling the White Nights ladies jewelry collection. 

When presenting the collection, a Project Supervisor of Goznak, a well-known Russian businessman Dmitry Gourji, the founder of Gourji brand, pointed out that the collection was inspired with Goznaks creative heritage, centuries-old experience in the coin and medal business and exhibits of the Munzkabinett:  
The Munzkabinett is our treasury and a source of creative ideas. We have chosen tokens and medals with the theme of the day and night and the sun and the moon from the collection of the Munzkabinett. We have created the White Nights ladies jewelry collection using those images. The name reminds of Saint Petersburg, a city where the sun and the moon during the white nights get together surprisingly close. It is especially romantic; that is one of the symbols and a peculiarity of Saint Petersburg, the Northern capital of Russia. The collection features necklaces and earrings of silver or silver with dainty inserts of gold decorated with the blue enamel. Next year, the collection will be supplemented with bracelets and rings.   

Clients from all parts of the Russian Federation will be able to buy everything presented at the e-store online, and the parcel will be delivered by a special courier service.

The White Nights jewelry collection is limited. It is supposed that the brand will create two ladies collections and two or three gentlemens collections every year. The Mints of Russia brand accumulates the 300-years-long experience of the medal art. The products of the brand were created by the best medal artists of Russia the artists of the Design Center of Goznak
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