Goznak presents scientific publication dedicated to 200 years of the company's history and cash circulation in Russia 10.12.2020

On December 10, 2020, there was a presentation of the scientific work "Goznak. History In Events, Dates, Destinies”. The publication is dedicated to the events that have taken place in the life and work of the enterprise over the past two centuries, as well as related events in the life of the Russian state and the domestic economy.

The presentation took place in the exhibition hall of the Goznak storage fund in Moscow. The event was attended by Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC Goznak Alexey Moiseev, authors of the publication: General Director of JSC Goznak Arkady Trachuk and Advisor to General Director of JSC Goznak Natalia Nikiforova, veterans of JSC Goznak, persons who took an active part in the preparation of the publication's materials, as well as representatives of the numismatic and bonistic communities of Russia. 


For the first time in many years, a historically reliable scientific piece of work has been presented to the public, which in chronological order sets out the history of one of the oldest Russian enterprises, whose activities are closely intertwined with national history. The publication was prepared in an extremely wide historical and economic context: in both Russia and worldwide. According to experts, it is of interest to a wide range of readers, and especially to those who value a certain balanced, historically accurate and comprehensive presentation of events that have taken place in the life of the Russian state and in its economy over the past two centuries.

Over more than 200 years of its existence, the activities of Goznak have not been interrupted for a single day. And not only in the legal sense of the word, but also in the human and technological aspects. The company continued to operate, having survived two world wars and one civil war, great political upheavals and changes in the economic structure.

Due to the specifics of what Goznak does, the history of the company and its products reflects both the history of cash circulation in Russia and the history of graphic and medal art, as well as the history of the design of state symbols and signs. In this regard, when preparing materials for the publication, great attention was paid to taking into account the historical, political and economic contexts in which the events presented in the books took place.

The publication includes three volumes. Two of them, which were presented to the public, have a scientific status and can be used as a complete and reliable source in scientific research. In them, in chronological order, the key events, dates and fates of people directly related to the Expedition of Preparing State Papers and Goznak are presented. Each volume had 3,000 copies printed.

Each of the two volumes is dedicated to a separate century in the history of the enterprise. The first book is called "Goznak. History In Events, Dates, Destinies. 1818-1918" and covers the Expedition's time period. The book was published with a full 250 pages. In its preparation, more than 440 references to 166 sources were used. The book contains about 830 attributed illustrations, including images of coins, banknotes, securities and other significant products produced within the walls of the enterprise at different times.

The second volume is called "Goznak. History In Events, Dates, Destinies. 1919-2018", and is dedicated to the next century in the company's history and covers the period starting from the moment when an enterprise with the name "Goznak" appears on the historical stage, which continues to operate today. The book is 446 pages long. 895 references leading back to 350 sources were used during its creation. The book contains 1,430 attributed illustrations.

The appendix to the second volume presents the “preGoznak” (from 1724 to 1941) history of the Saint-Petersburg (Leningrad) Mint in the main dates and events, also set out in chronological order by M.I. Smirnov, who worked for many years as an archivist at the Saint-Petersburg Mint of Goznak.

In addition, a third book will soon be released, which will include historical and journalistic essays about people who played outstanding roles in the history of Goznak. It will tell the story of the people who, with their work and talent, ensured the prosperity of the enterprise. And it will also tell about the great artists, writers, statesmen who in different years collaborated with the EPSP and Goznak.

Publishing "Goznak. History In Events, Dates, Destinies" is a step towards reviving the enterprise's publication capacity. The first two volumes were produced at the Moscow Printing Factory, but employees of all Goznak enterprises took part in the preparation and compilation of the material. Each of the volumes opens with two pages specially made at the Saint-Petersburg Paper Mill: the first of them contains highly artistic watermarks with filigree. The second one has intaglio engravings with thematic images reflecting the spirit of the times, to which a particular book is dedicated.

The publication is distinguished by its proprietary, Goznak quality of printing, as well as the selection of illustrations, many of which have been found in the company's storage fund and have not been published before.

 The scientific publication "Goznak. History In Events, Dates, Destinies" is available for purchase as of January 11, 2021. Its price will be specified on that date.

Starting from the day of the presentation, December 10, 2020, everyone can pre-order the publication by leaving a request on the website of the Trade Shop of the Moscow Mint - Branch of Goznak or by phone +7 (495) 729-56-66 (ext. 54-63). Delivery to any part of the world is possible.

 The book will be sold at:

·         the Trade Shop of the Moscow Mint - Branch of Goznak.

Address: Moscow, Danilovsky Val, Building 1. 

·         The Numismatic Shop of the Saint-Petersburg Mint - Branch of Goznak

Address: St. Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress, Nikolskaya Kurtina.

·         The Museum Shop of the History of Money Museum of Goznak.
Address: St. Petersburg, Peter and Paul Fortress, Anninsky Cavalier.

You can also pre-order the edition here:

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