History and innovations are in the token for the Coiner’s Day 14.12.2020

The sketch of the commemorative token dedicated to the 296th anniversary of the Saint Petersburg Mint has been developed by Andrey BRYNZA, an artist of the Design Center of Goznak. It features the Peter and Paul Fortress – the heart of Saint Petersburg and the place where the Saint Petersburg Mint is located.

The token in a special edition with the diameter of 60 mm is made of copper-zinc alloy. Two new solutions are applied in it. Sergey EVSTRATOV, Head of the Production and Technology Department of the Saint Petersburg Mint – Branch of Goznak has described them:

“We have applied two technologies simultaneously – minting and jewelry production. We have already applied this solution in our products. Another solution is completely innovative. There is a through hole depicting a top view of the Peter and Paul Fortress with the Cathedral in the name of the Supreme Apostles Peter and Paul in the center. The image of the cathedral is made using the casting technique, and the token itself is minted. A mechanism helping to raise the image of the Peter and Paul Cathedral by 90 degrees and thus obtain its voluminous 3D silhouette on the discus of the token is embedded into the token”.

A token for the Coiner’s Day is an experimental opportunity to hone innovative techniques to be later applied in mass production. The lifting mechanism has a perspective Sergey Evstratov also narrated:

«Thanks to the application of this know-how, it is possible to produce a series of tokens dedicated to architectural objects, starting with the Kremlin and up to the modern sky-scrapers or a series dedicated to the draw bridges of Saint Petersburg for example – the mechanism will provide the rise of their spans”.

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