Money of our childhood22.10.2020

In 2020, Goznak issued a collection of memoirs about money Money of our childhood prepared by the History of Money Museum of Goznak.  

The book prepared by the museum employees Elizaveta Zhdankova and Ekaterina Chistikova has become an intermediate total of a museum project with the same name. 


At first, an electronic repository of memoirs was created at the site of the History of Money Museum. And then a book called Money of our childhood with about one third of the collected stories was issued. The book consists of two parts finished stories are published in the first one. The second part comprises separate sketches and short memoirs.  

All the stories are linked with common topics they are memories touching upon the currency reforms of the 20th century and personal memories of the authors about their first earnings (salaries and stipends), their first encounter with money in their childhood and life lessons connected with it, family traditions and relics, great bargains and chance gains and so on. 

Short abstracts from the book bearing record to the true dramatics of the Russian personal histories are intertwined with the countrys destiny and linked with money also. 

The book is illustrated with photographs from the authors personal files as well as the soviet posters, postcards, recognizable pages from Book about Delicious and Healthy Food. A fragment of an artistic envelope printed at the Perm Printing Factory in 1978 according to a sketch by artist I. Filippov is used in the cover design. 

The book is printed in the number of 500 copies. 

The Money of our childhood collection is available at the Museum Shop; it costs 650 roubles. 

The Money of our childhood project is not over with the book publishing. The electronic repository of recollections at the site of the History of Money Museum will be supplemented. Anybody interested can still send their stories connected with money to the e-mail of the project or the museum

The History of Money Museum started the Money of our childhood project of creating a repository of money memoirs in 2018. Since then, about 150 people have taken part in it; they have sent their stories about the first salary, the currency reforms, shopping stuck in their memory etc. Whole families participated. The name of the project Money of our childhood set the positive tone to the majority of stories the museum received. However, the memories the project participants shared did not refer to their childhood only, but the adult life too.

The aim of the project is to record living testimonies of the epoch impossible to find in the archive documents later.  The memories of the project participants are the history of money existence and apprehension of currency reforms in the 1940s 2000s. 

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