Goznak has summed up the results of the Accelerator7 2020

The finalists have presented solutions in the shape of a platform for Big Data analytics, robot-assisted service of buying up gold and products of it, printing electronics technologies based on elastic current-conducting paste and advanced technologies of flexible electronics. The experts of Goznak received 179 requests, selected 10 teams for the accelerator, and acknowledged four startups to be the best. The winners received an opportunity of further realization of the started projects together with Goznak and partners.

We have discovered new opportunities of development in co-operation with representatives of the business community, said Head of the Accelerator, Director of Strategic Development of Goznak Yury VOLODIN. Launch of the acceleration program inside the corporation in not only a step towards processability, but also quite an efficient tool of intrapreneurship elements. In particular, inner teams of Goznak created for working with startup projects received an interesting experience of interaction with the innovative business environment, an opportunity of thinking and acting from the position of ambitious young businessmen. I am sure that it is an important tool for generating advanced ideas.

The finalists and their projects:


 have developed MVP (Minimal Viable Product) a pilot version of Big Data analytics based on the risk-oriented approach; the platform is applicable for risk assessment of interaction with certain categories of contractors and able to make it possible for large state institutions to optimize costs of on-site examinations.

have designated two promising pilot projects of large customers for launching;


 have developed a robot-assisted service of buying up gold and products of it a pilot project at the Moscow Mint. In the case of successful realization, the robot pawnshop is potentially able to launch the secondary and further turnovers of investment coins of precious metals thus increasing the attractiveness of this investment instrument substantially.


 have provided performance of tests of flexible electronics technologies in printing processes, evaluated the potential of the technology realization in the existing and future products of Goznak and started joint research and experimental works;


 have tested the printed electronics technology, i.e. elastic current carrying paste in Goznaks products. The subject of Research and Development planned for launching will make it possible to develop the corresponding development actively.

TENFLECS and E-STYLE startups will receive an offer of strategic partnership with Goznak within the framework of flexible and printed electronics.

All the accelerator participants have received valuable experience, feedback and expert vision of tasks preferable for success. The result of joint efforts of the teams and Goznaks experts is realization of business opportunities of young Russian hi-tech companies and integration of certain promising technologies into Goznaks activity.

Goznak is a company with more than 200 years of history that acknowledges the dynamics and trends of changes taking place at the market, clearly. In the field of both technologies and requirements of the clients and new digital challenges and opportunities. The partners and clients of Goznak appreciated our initiative. They noted that the appearance of acceleration programs changes the traditional conservative environment formed around state institutions considerably. Some of the startup offers can already be integrated into the business of Goznaks customers, for example, projects in the field of Big Data. Any company is able to develop its technological potential if it makes enough efforts, - the Director of Strategic Development of Goznak Yury VOLODIN believes.

For reference:

Goznak is a company with more than 200 years of history, a participant and system integrator of complicated multisectoral state and commercial projects in Russia and abroad, a supplier of IT technologies and services based on the Data Processing Centers. Goznak is one of the major players on the international market of security products and related services. The largest banknote manufacturer in Eastern Europe (Smithers Pira, 2018), one of the top 10 world leaders of the market of security products (MarketsandMarkets, 2018), No. 21 in the rating of non-resource exporters of Russia (Expert Rating Agency, 2019). More than 7.5 thousand people are employed at the eight branches of Goznak located in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and the Perm Region.


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