The Scientific Research Institute of Goznak has founded a new laboratory10.09.2020

A digital laboratory has been created at the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak.

 The laboratory will carry out observations connected with data processing. Products based upon the observations will be offered to the customers. They may be biometrical systems, digital technologies for production optimization, solutions for governmental organizations connected with data processing.  

“The digital laboratory is a very important structural unit for a modern organization”, noted Georgy Kornilov, Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak. “Digital products are becoming the basis of any activity. It is already impossible to make modern products without modern technologies. There is a lot of digital content in the modern banknote.

A few years ago, we presented mobile solutions for the banknotes of the Bank of Russia for the first time at the Scientific and Practical Conference of the Scientific Research Institute. At first they were exclusively informational, and then they obtained functions for identification and authenticity control of banknotes”.

 The application for the Bank of Russia developed by the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak together with the specialists of the Perm Printing Factory of Goznak was also launched as informational at first, and last year it was supplemented with the function of authentication for the banknotes with the face value of one, two and five thousand roubles. The application operates successfully, the Bank of Russia distributes it, it is possible to download it. It has good rating. The Scientific Research Institute of Goznak continues improving the application within the framework of the contract with the Bank of Russia.

 Digital products have their specifics connected with its service life. The digital product is never completely ready. Having developed the application once, we should support and develop it throughout the whole period of its existence. It is a great responsibility and an important task», Georgy Kornilov is sure.   

 Besides the data processing specialists, developers and computer experts, the team of the new digital laboratory of the Scientific Research Institute will include representatives of unusual professions – data analysts and data scientists.

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