Album “Unissued money: a new stage in national bonistics”22.07.2020

Goznak has released the album "Unissued money: back in the design history of paper money in Russia". The history of the Russian paper money designing at the Expedition of Storing State Papers - Goznak has been systematized for the first time in this book.

In 2019, the Russian paper money turned 250 years old. On December 29, 1768 (January 9, 1769) Empress Catherine II signed a manifesto on the issue of paper money - assignations and the establishment of assignation banks in Russia. Since that moment banknotes have played the most important part in the money circulation. Their design has changed many times, and the turbulent Russian history has left many samples of paper money for posterity. Of the 250 years of its existence, the last two centuries of its design and manufacture of banknotes were concentrated at the Expedition of Storing State Papers and then – since 1919 at Goznak.

The new album is a scientific study based on sources and equipped with the necessary scientific reference materials. During the preparation of this book, a comprehensive source study of Goznak's collection, which has no analogues in the world, was carried out, including design materials - sketch and print designs, proofs, approved samples of paper money.

Many of such materials have been attributed and published in the book for the first time. For example, all sketches of credit notes of the "ethnographic" series of 1859 - 1860s; sketches and proof prints of banknotes of the "Imperial series" of 1890s; sketches of credit notes of the "reduced size" 1910 - 1911 have been attributed and dated.

During the research work, previously unknown sketch designs of chervonets banknotes of the model of 1947; trial prints of exchange coupons in the late 1920s - early 1930s; sketch designs of the first Soviet chervonets and treasury tickets were found and published. For the first time, the assignations of 1801-1803 preserved in the collection of Goznak have been reproduced in full.

Since the documentary materials related to the development of banknotes were preserved in fragments for various reasons, the project materials sometimes became the only source from which the picture of events could be restored.

The book is a result of work of the employees of the History of Money Museum of Goznak that has lasted several years. In 2017 - 2019, research work was carried out in the funds, which made it possible to prepare exhibitions "From kerenka to Sovznak: Money and Revolution" (2017), "Unissued money" (2019), "Signs of the Victory" (2020), to publish several dozens of scientific and popular articles, deliver speeches at scientific conferences repeatedly.

"Unissued money: back in the design history of paper money in Russia" Album consists of 16 sections constructed on a chronological principle: from the first Russian assignations of second half of XVIII century to a modern "city" series of banknotes. There are 400 pages in the book; it consists of more than 950 illustrations (taking into account the reverse sides of banknotes). In fact, it is an illustrated monograph representing a certain stage in the Russian bonistics.

The author of the concept and text of the album is A. A. Bogdanov, an employee of the History of Money Museum, PhD in history.

The book has been printed in the number of 1000 copies.

The album is available at the Numismatic Shop of the St. Petersburg Mint, at the Trade Shop of the Moscow Mint and at the Museum Shop.

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