Delicate work: the Perm Printing Factory has printed Embroidery stamps of the Applied and Decorative Arts of Russia series 09.06.2020

The edition of four Embroidery themes is the first within the framework of the series printed on self-adhesive paper using a web printing machine at the Perm Printing Factory Branch of Goznak.

Earlier, the series included stamps printed at the Moscow Printing Factory Branch of Goznak. Every edition of the Applied and Decorative Arts of Russia series has a printing peculiarity. Thus, in 2011 the most complicated stamps of the series, Laces, were printed with the application of intaglio printing. the editions were decorated with various kinds of varnishing and relief stamping. A theme dedicated to Kasli iron works (2012) was printed using thermographic printing. Kerchiefs edition (2013) was an exception the sketches turned out to be so good that it was decided not to overload the successful stamps and apply four-ink offset printing only.   



The Embroidery stamps of 2020 have two peculiarities. First of all, they are printed on self-adhesive paper, and secondly they have an unusual shape for the issue doubled triangles. The earlier editions used to consist of four triangles.

Stamps of this size are usually located nine pieces in a nest. Because the customers chose an unusual shape a coupling of two small triangles, we ordered a new kind of cutting, said Irina Nikitina, Deputy Head Technologist of the Perm Printing Factory

As the emitters remind in the description, this coupling is called tete-beche. Tete-beche is a couple of undivided postage stamps with the pattern on one of them turned by 180 degrees in respect to the other.  

Irina Nikitina also noted that both printing and perforating of stamps was carried out in one pass: 

Of course, it would have been easier for us to print the stamps of this edition using pantones with the application of an additional printing plate for the stamp background.  

When bright colours of the pattern and pastel shades of the background are combined on one stamp, it is quite difficult to print them using triade inks.  

Moreover, the application of an additional pass is not efficient; it is also technologically complicated for web production. Thanks to high-skilled specialists and printers of the factory, the themes were printed in one pass, according to the customers wishes.  

Tete-beche coupling is very popular among collectors itself. When themes of the popular Applied and Decorative Arts of Russia series are produced using such coupling, they are sure to enjoy increased attention and interest of philatelists. 



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