Informational message of Goznak30.05.2020

Goznak considers it necessary to comment upon mass media enquiries about the customs of Malta arresting a lot of supposedly counterfeit banknotes.

As is known, the Central Bank of Libya has two branches located correspondingly in the cities of Tripoli and Tobruk. The contract under which the discussed lot of banknotes was produced had been concluded between Goznak and the Central Bank of Libya located in Tobruk.

The order of banknotes from Goznak was approved by the Board of Directors of the Central Bank of Libya in 2015. The right of the Central Bank of Libya in Tobruk to conclude contracts of the kind was regulated by the decision of the National Unity Government (Tripoli). In spite of all differences of the parties, the decision has not been canceled and remains in force now. A person vested with all necessary powers signed a corresponding contract with our company.

The banknotes produced within the framework of the discussed shipment are a modified series of the previous banknotes and have visual differences from them. The samples of the banknotes were approved by the representatives of the Central Bank of Libya in the appropriate manner, therefore the term “counterfeit” in respect to the banknotes is groundless and unjustified. Moreover, the shipment of the discussed lot was a subject of examination within the framework of the Panel of Experts on Libya under the UN Security Council; no breach of sanctions against the country according to UN Resolution No. 2259 (2019) was detected; the Panel of Experts reflected this fact in their report in December 2019. Goznak discharged all its obligations under the above-mentioned contract.

In violation of international law, the customs of Malta arrested containers with the banknotes belonging to the Central Bank of Libya. Goznak together with the customers tried to receive explanations from the Maltese Government more than once. The customs authorities of Malta provided no explanations about the arrest of the lot of banknotes for a few months, and only in May 2020, they responded with an announcement contorting the actual interrelations of Goznak and the Central Bank of Libya.

For all other questions regarding the discussed lot of banknotes, we recommend contacting their emitters – the Central Bank of Libya located in Tobruk.

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