Stamps of the Moscow Printing Factory: academic art and faultless printing quality16.03.2020

Artistic stamps produced at the printing workshop of the Moscow Printing Factory were highly appraised at the session of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Arts

Top result

Five titles of stamps were produced at the Moscow Printing Factory under the order of Marka JSC in February:

● “250 years of unity of Ingushetia and Russia”,

● “175 years since the birth of P.M. Golubitskiy (1845-1911), an inventor”,

● a stamp of the “Laureates of Nobel prize” series “Z. I. Alferov (1930-2019), a scientist”,

● “100 years since the birth of I.N. Kozhedub (1920-1991), an air fighter, an Air Marshal”,  

● “200 years since the birth of Friedrich Engels (1820-1895), a historian, a philosopher”.

Together with other stamps produced at Goznak, last month they were presented at the session of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Arts where they received high grade of the artistic and technological execution.  

“Besides the main function of payment for sending written correspondence, postage stamps carry out an important enlightening mission by preserving and spreading the Russian academic art all over the world”, said Zurab Tsereteli, the President of the Russian Academy of Arts.  

Working upon the project

Traditionally work upon a stamp project begins with the approval of a trial sample: the customers – Marka JSC send variants printed using a printing device. After the image has been processed taking into account the approved composition and production print, the printing workshop produces a trial sample. It is printed using Komori machine programmed for every order taking into account the specified technological parameters and security features.  

After the customers have approved the trial sample of the stamp, the printing work starts. The printed and dried semi-finished product is perforated using Vista machine. After the production process is accomplished, the semi-finished products are checked by the specialists of the Quality Control Department and after that shipped to the customers.  

“The work upon the order was accomplished within the established time limit. For the production of the stamps, we applied standard technologies – wet offset with the application of the set of security features – special ink composition. The printing is standard with five inks and with the application of through perforation. We are pleased with the result of our work”, says Nikolay Vishnevskiy, Head of the Printing Workshop.  

The customers’ opinion

Artem Adibekov, General Director of Marka JSC, says, “The Russian postage stamps are acknowledged to be the best in the world in the artistic and topical variety  and high printing execution. It is an achievement of the employees of Goznak and the Moscow Printing Factory to a great extent. Various modern technologies - relief stamping, partial varnishing, various kinds of perforation and figured punching – are applied in the production of postage stamps.  

We thank the employees of Goznak for their everyday work, attention to the postage stamps, mutually beneficial and constructive interaction. We hope for further development of our co-operation and stronger performance!”   

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