The Moscow Mint has produced decorations of the Kamchatka Region19 2020

The Moscow Mint has produced decorations of the Kamchatka Region

Within the framework of the order, the specialists developed the design and produced the lapel badges of precious and nonferrous metal alloys; some of them were decorated with artificial gems. The technologies of partial and complete gilding, enameling and oxidation were applied in the production of sets. The backside of the badges features a security feature in the shape of a raster image.


The work upon the project was strenuous. We expended a lot of energy; there were tasks we had never come across before. For example, a badge on a wooden plaquette is not typical for us, therefore we looked for the solutions directly during the work, said Head Technologist of the Moscow Mint Sergey Boyev. It was a complicated project that we polished well, and we are proud of it.


A result of the close co-operation of the artists of the Moscow Mint and the representatives of the Government of the Kamchatka Region was creation of 11 unique sketches including Parental Pride of Kamchatka, For Valorous Labour in the Kamchatka Region, Hope of Kamchatka, For Merit to Kamchatka, A Distinguished Fisherman of Kamchatka, For Loyalty to Kamchatka and others. The total number of sets of the lapel badges is 1,400 pieces.


We have totally produced 11 sets consisting of a lapel badge, a certificate and a box of wood, velvet or fiber flock with an individual lodgment. The majority of sets feature tailcoat badges mini copies of the major decorations. The project reflects the basic features of life in the region, the uniqueness and singularity of the far region of the country, explained a specialist of the Marketing and Sales Department of the Moscow Mint Andrey Ugolkov.   


Co-operation of the Main Directorate of the State Service of the Governor and the Government of the Kamchatka Region with the Moscow Mint Branch of Goznak throughout the execution of the state contract has developed just as it could with a most reliable and conscientious partner with a high level of modern technological equipment and team of high-skilled professionals able to work cohesively and be receptive and attentive to the customers.

The order was executed in due time, without failure, at a high professional level. The quality and artistic execution of the lapel badges is excellent (and an independent product acceptance inspection has confirmed it).

The team of our Directorate is grateful to the management and the team of the Mint for high professionalism and successful co-operation! noted Deputy Head of the Main Directorate Head of the State Service Department of the Main Directorate of State Service of the Governor and the Government of the Kamchatka Region Svetlana Melikhova.


The Governor of the Kamchatka Region Vladimir Ilyukhin awarded the first worthy inhabitants of Kamchatka with the new regional decorations already on December 21, 2019.



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