The conference of the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak as a glimpse into the digital future21.02.2020

The jubilee 10th Scientific and Practical Conference New Developments in the field of material and process security technologies took place at the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak on February 20-21, 2020.

 The swiftly oncoming digital future conceals not only dangers but also great opportunities for the analogous industry, said the Director of the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak Georgy Kornilov at the conference opening.

 Starting in 2011 when the share of cashless payments concluded 8%, we spoke about the competition of banknotes and cashless payments, the Head of the Research Institute continued. Later on, the conferences were dedicated to the electronic money system development, opportunities of banknote manufacturers as integrators, transformation of the market of security products, mobile devices for banknote identification, banknote alternatives, blockchain, payment platforms and digitalization of the industry.

 According to Georgy Kornilov, the artificial intellect or at least machine reading of data at the production site and new products are becoming crucially important for the industry. It is already impossible to create the modern basic banknote within the established in the modern society deadlines without the digital technologies. Their role will increase tremendously in the future.  

 The topic of our todays conference reflects aspiration of the industry to become more digital. Therefore, there are presentations about forming of the cryptographic key, production reorganization and creating equipment based upon the digital technologies in the conference program. The nearest future will be digital. We need to change promptly, otherwise the market will change us, Georgy Kornilov noted.

 Traditionally, the first day of the conference featured presentations dedicated to scientific developments within the walls of Goznak and field solutions of the manufacturers and scientists of the leading Russian scientific research institutes.

 On the second day, there was a round table where representatives of the branches of Goznak discussed practical industrial issues with representatives of the Scientific Research Institute and the Directorate of Goznak.

 An unfailing guest of Goznaks conferences, a Doctor of Chemistry, a regular member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, a regular member of the Academy of the Engineering Sciences of the Russian Federation, an Honorary Chemist of Russia Boris Bolotin said that the main value of the conference of the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak is that plans of future works are developed and corrected with questions and comments of the audience at it. It is very important, and the conference definitely has future, said Academician Bolotin.


Our present industrial and scientific reality contains an integral part of digitalization already. I believe at our conference in five years we will raise completely unexpected topics that are difficult even to imagine today, concluded Georgy Kornilov summarizing the results of the jubilee conference.


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