Goznak has conducted a press tour dedicated to the companys 200th anniversary 30.08.2018

On the eve of its 200th anniversary, Joint Stock Company Goznak organized a press-tour to the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill an enterprise producing banknote paper for two centuries. It was here, in the building on the Fontanka River Embankment, that the Expedition of Storing State Papers started working in 1818. The modern Goznak has been counting its history since that moment.

It is difficult to choose a better place than the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill for a meeting dedicated to Goznaks 200th anniversary. It was here on the Fontanka River Embankment that the Expedition of Storing State Papers was built in 1818. The history of Goznak started at this place, said Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak.

The Expedition of Storing State Papers was founded in Saint Petersburg in 1818 by the Decree of Emperor Alexander I specially for the production of paper money assignations. At the Expedition for the first time ever, all stages were united into the unitary production process, starting with sheet formation and up to design development and further printing. An outstanding engineer and architect Augustine Betancourt conducted the process of creating the Expedition of Storing State Papers; he developed the concept of the enterprise and managed constructing the buildings of the Expedition.  

Goznak has preserved and multiplied the best traditions of the Expedition of Storing State Papers. Today the company carries out the full cycle of works connected with issuing and organizing the circulation of security products and successfully competes on the Russian and world markets.

In 2017, the sales volume of Goznaks products reached 38.8 billion roubles, the net profit comprised 4.2 billion roubles. According to the estimates of the General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk, the sales volume in 2018 will exceed 40 billion roubles.

In recent years, the volumes of export income of Goznak have grown a few times: in 2007, the index comprised about 50 million dollars, but in 2017 it already was 120 million dollars.

The geography of Goznaks export supplies includes more than 25 countries today, Arkady Trachuk said during the press-tour. In particular, we supply banknote paper abroad, and the share of foreign orders comprises about half of the whole volume of security paper produced at Goznak. We also print about two billion banknotes for our foreign customers every year. The volumes of export of coins increase. Another direction of export supplies is selling licenses for the security technologies developed at Goznak.  

During the press-tour at the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill, the journalists were able to see all the major stages of banknote paper production, starting with the incoming delivery of cotton materials and up to security paper formation, its cutting, sorting and packing.  

In recent years, new directions services of processing and guaranteed storing of electronic data and development of control systems of documents and banknotes in circulation were added to the traditional areas of Goznaks activity paper, printing and coin and order production.  

In particular, large government establishments and organizations command the services of the Data Processing Center operating on the basis of the Moscow Printing Works Branch of Goznak.  

Due to the fact that the demand for services of data storing and processing is growing, in 2018 Goznak has started creating another Data Processing Center on the basis of the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill with the projected capacity of up to 470 server racks.  

Speaking about Goznaks new directions, Arkady Trachuk noted that the company has been developing systems of various products traceability for a few years already. In 2014, the specialists of Goznak developed and implemented the first high-tech integrated system of control and authentication of licensed products in Russia within the framework of a license agreement with Sochi 2014 Organizational Committee. In 2016 Goznak started realizing the project of marking products made of natural furs with control (identification) tags.  In 2018, according to Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated March 24, 2018 No. 321, Goznak was determined the operator and developer of an integrated information system in the field of controlling the turnover of precious metals, precious stones and products made of them.  


The Saint Petersburg Paper Mill Branch of Goznak is a dynamically developing enterprise producing high security sorts of paper with watermarks, security threads and other security features. Products of the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill are applied for the production of banknotes, documents (including passports), special and excise stamps, security papers etc.

Products of the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill are in demand on both the Russian  and world markets export orders occupy a considerable part of the Mills production volume.  
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