The Day of Science at the Scientific Research Institute 09.02.2018

The Russian Science Day is celebrated on February 8; on that day, the 8th Scientific and Technical Conference New Developments in the field of material and process protection technologies took place at the Scientific Research Institute.  
Opening the conference, Director of the Scientific Research Institute Georgy Kornilov noted that this conference took place in the jubilee year in 2018
Goznak is celebrating its 200th anniversary, and the Scientific Research Institute will celebrate 70 years since its foundation.
In his welcoming speech to the participants of the 8th Scientific and Technical Conference, General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk specified the main task of the symposium to discover the tendencies of the scientific thought development in the field of security of documents, products and processes:
In spite of explosive changes taking place in the economy, active development of digital processes and non-cash payments now, unlike eight years ago when the conference was just started at the Scientific Research Institute, nevertheless it has not become irrelevant.  
This year, about half the reports are dedicated to the matters of informational security, automatic processing and security of banknotes as well as an opportunity of their authentication with the help of mobile devices.  It is crucially important because even a traditional product like banknotes presented in the market for quite a long time, is still in a certain environment. And we should think how to make that environment comfortable for the banknote circulation.  
Developments of biometric identification methods are also of practical interest. At the moment, the topic of biometric identification is becoming more and more challenging and demanded. And possibly, the time when the matter of why we need any material carrier which is an object of identification at all, whether it is an identification document, a bank card or any other document.  
I am pleased to mention that Goznak is celebrating its 200th anniversary this year, and the Scientific Research Institute will celebrate a smaller but quite an important jubilee 70 years since its foundation. I hope the present conference will help us join efforts and find new solutions to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Goznak, if you will.  
I am happy to realize that every year, the number of organizations presented at the conference grows. That is the result we wanted to achieve, because the more specialists are involved into the discussion of the existing problems in the field of security of documents, information and technological processes, the more effective our developments will be. It is possible that in the end there will appear a base for joint works in particular fields of knowledge.
Arkady Trachuk wished the delegates of the Scientific and Technical Conference interesting work and successful solutions spoken about at the conferences and described in scientific magazines that will become ingrained in our everyday lives and make all citizens of our country and possibly of the whole world feel safer and better-protected.  
The first speaker of the conference was the patriarch of security printing Deputy Director Main Academic Secretary of the Scientific and Technical Council of the Scientific Research Institute Alexander Georgievich Pisarev. The report was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Goznak The priority directions of research and their evolution at the Scientific Research Institute. With the help of figures and facts Alexander Pisarev demonstrated how dramatically the science has changed during the 70 years of the existence of the Scientific Research Institute, how fantastic and multifarious todays tasks are to compare to the tasks of the Institute half a century ago.  
The shape of the conference became somewhat transformed this year too. In previous years, the majority of reports were presented by the employees of the Scientific Research Institute, but this year, half of the scientific speeches belonged to Goznaks partners.  
The reports of Goznaks employees and partners stirred interest, arose a lot of questions and concluded with discussions continued also on the sidelines of the conference.    
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