Gratitude for the banknotes16.01.2018

In 2017, Goznak received a letter from pupils of Residential School No. 1 for blind children of the Department of labor and social protection of the city of Moscow. In the letter, the children wrote that they would like to contribute their suggestions and make banknotes more convenient for visually impaired people.  
The specialists of Goznak were developing the new 200 and 2000-rouble banknotes at the time. The employees of Goznak and the Bank of Russia came to the school. The children showed them two presentations they had prepared. The presentations demonstrated which tactile security features can really help a visually impaired person to identify the banknote face value.  
Goznak’s employees brought a few variants of marks for visually impaired people, different in both the design and the technological execution. The kids were offered to test the marks and choose the most convenient ones. They liked the testing very much. As a result, the intaglio method of mark printing won.
The wishes of the schoolchildren were taken into account during the production of the new banknotes. After the Bank of Russia had put the new banknotes into circulation, the children were happy and proud of their contribution into the banknotes.
In appreciation of paying attention to the schoolchildren’s wishes and designing banknotes convenient for blind and visually impaired people, Headmaster of the Board School I.V. Vishnivetskiy sent a Letter of Gratitude to Goznak.


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