Goznak presented a mobile application to authenticate the new Russian banknotes 18.01.2018

Banknotes 2017 mobile application dedicated to banknotes of the Bank of Russia with the face values of 200 and 2000 roubles was presented on January 18 by Chairman of the Board of Directors of Goznak, Deputy Minister of Finance Alexey Moiseev and General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk.  
The application makes it possible to check the existence of certain visual security features on the new banknotes. Such an examination can protect the user against raw counterfeits. The application also contains detailed information about visual security of the banknotes and will help to come to know their peculiarities better.    
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Goznak, Deputy Minister of Finance Alexey Moiseev noted that by releasing an application like that in addition to its main function development and production of banknotes, Goznak had joined the important work of the Bank of Russia upon improving the financial awareness of the population and spreading information about the new banknotes. Moreover, issue of the new face values of the Russian rouble was named as one of the major results of the companys work in 2017.    
Among other results of Goznaks work, the companys success in export activities was named. The volume of the companys export earnings grew considerably during the past year. It is worth mentioning that security paper used to be the basis of Goznaks export; banknote production under orders of foreign emitters was added to it later on. Meanwhile, thanks to the completion of a large-scale modernization at the Moscow Mint last year, the company has also achieved significant advance in the international coin market last year Goznak received    orders for the production of small coins for the central banks of Columbia, Zambia and Madagascar.
Goznak is expanding its presence in the market of IT services centers of data processing have been launched on the technological basis of Goznak recently. The customer database of the company is growing; other projects are realized too. Banknotes 2017 application is one of such projects.  
Alexey Moiseev said that Goznak is starting the year of its 200th anniversary as a dynamically developing company offering high-tech products in aid of all banknote users.
Describing the application, General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk emphasized that it can be a reliable assistant to somebody who doesnt know the new banknotes well yet. Pictorial information about the security features as well as checking tools in the application should protect the user against rough counterfeits.  
Nevertheless, the application does not permit to check the whole set of security features of the banknotes, it does not replace authentication systems applied in ATMs, specialized devices or counting and sorting machines controlling all the security features and applied by the credit organizations as well as offices of the Bank of Russia. If you remain in doubt about a certain banknotes authenticity, please apply to credit organizations for a guaranteed answer.
An original software and hardware solution, which is Goznak's own development, has been used in the application for banknote authentication.  
The application is free of charge. There are two versions of the application in Russian and in English. Since January 18 2018, it is available for installation on mobile devices of Android family. Installation for iOs operating system will be available within the next few days. We will advise about the application for iOs availability additionally at Goznaks official information resources on the internet.  

More details about the mobile application
Banknotes 2017 application is a product developed by the specialists of Goznak. It is dedicated to the new banknotes of the Bank of Russia with the face values of 200 and 2000 roubles.
The main function of the application is detecting some of the visual security features when checking every single banknote. The application is not a tool of fully-featured authentication control of banknotes.  
Banknote authentication takes place using the camera of the mobile device. To start authentication, please direct the camera at the banknote, after that the application will determine its face value and side. Depending on that, a corresponding animated image will be shown on the banknote surface using the augmented reality technology. For example, on the front side of the 2000-rouble banknote there will appear a 3D image of a rocket on the launching cradle of Vostochniy cosmodrome. Animated stylized images of the solar system planets will fly around the rocket in an orbit.
After determining the banknote face value and side, one can start the main stage of authentication by directing the camera at the banknote, it is necessary to bring the banknote edges into coincidence with the frame shown on the screen. If it is done correctly, the banknotes corners will become green, and the telephone will vibrate. After that, one should repeat coinciding the banknote with the frame, but at a different angle. If authentication is successful, there will appear a green inscription on the screen, Security features have been detected.  In case authentication is not successful, it is possible to repeat the procedure by pressing the icon in the top right corner of the screen.
There are certain technical limitations in the authentication tools operation connected with the ability of the camera to focus on the banknote. In particular, there are light limitations there should be enough light, the daylight level is recommended. However, one should avoid bright light beams directed at the banknote.  
The application also contains general information about the banknotes, their design and technical characteristics.
The application is available in Russian and English.

Minimal technical characteristics of mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) for starting the application:
    camera with the resolution of at least 5 megapixels and auto focus;
    screen resolution 800480;
    RAM 1Gb;
    quad-core processor with frequency 1 GHz for Android devices, double-core processor with frequency 1 GHz for Apple devices;
    amount of memory in the device for installation not less than 300 Mb;
    Android 4.2 or higher, iOS version 9 or higher.

Recommended technical characteristics of mobile devices (smartphones or tablets) for the application functioning:
    camera with the resolution of at least 8 megapixels and auto focus;
    screen resolution 800480 or higher;
    RAM 2 Gb or higher;
    octo-core processor with frequency 1.5 GHz for Android devices, double-core processor with frequency 1.3 GHz for Apple devices;
    amount of memory in the device for installation not less than 300 Mb;
    Android version 6 or higher, iOS version 10 or higher.

There is a special page dedicated to Banknotes 2017 application at the site of Goznak, with general application about the application, pictorial explanation of the banknote authentication process, technical requirements and a feedback form. It is also possible to download the application via this page at a direct link.
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