Presentation of a new mobile application Banknotes 2017 will take place on January 18 17.01.2018

A new mobile application Banknotes 2017 developed at Goznak will be presented on January 18 2018 at the International Multimedia Press Center of Russia Today International News Agency.

The new banknotes of the Bank of Russia with the face value of 200 and 2000 roubles have started to appear in everyday circulation recently. Many people havent got used to the banknote appearance; some do not know their main security elements. Sometimes people have doubts about authenticity of the new banknotes. In order to facilitate their authentication, Goznak has developed a new mobile application Banknotes 2017.  
With the help of the application, one can authenticate the new banknotes for the existence of certain visual security features. Such an examination can protect the user against raw counterfeits. The application also contains detailed information about visual security of the banknotes and will help to come to know their peculiarities better.  
The presentation will start with a speech of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Goznak, Deputy Minister of Finance Alexey Moiseev. The speech will be timed to coincide with the 200th anniversary the company is getting ready to celebrate this year, and dedicated to the preliminary results of the company during the past year. One of the results is the new banknotes development.
General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk will participate in the presentation and describe the mobile application, its peculiarities and operating principles. Materials dedicated to the application will be demonstrated to all. There will also be an opportunity to check the application using real banknotes.  
On the day of the presentation, Banknotes 2017 mobile application developed by the specialists of Goznak will become available for download at AppStore and GooglePlay.
The presentation will take place on January 18, 2018 at 3.00 p.m.
The venue: Moscow, Zubovskiy Boulevard 4, International Multimedia Press Center of Russia Today International News Agency, small and glass halls.

To obtain accreditation, please address:

1)    Department of Mass Media of Goznak:

+7(495) 363-23-70, ext. 1202

2)    Russia Today International News Agency
+ 7(495) 645-6472

Representatives of mass media entry only, on presentation of passport and press-card proving the membership of the journalist to the mass media he is accredited with. International Multimedia Press Center of Russia Today International News Agency reserves the right to refuse accreditation without giving reasons.  
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