Goznak has become a licensee of Winter Universiade 2019 01.12.2017

At the end of November, 2017, Goznak received one of the certificates of a licensee of Winter Universiade 2019 and was added to the list of manufacturers entitled to produce official products with the symbols of the Student Games. The 29th World Winter Universiade will take place in Krasnoyarsk on March 2 12, 2019. Students at the age of 17 25 years and graduates having received an academic degree or a diploma a year before the competitions are allowed to participate. Winter Universiade 2019 is the third sports event hosted by Russia. The first Universiade took place in Moscow in 1973, the second was in Kazan in 2013, and both were summer. Russia has not hosted a winter Universiade before. The program of choosing official licensees of the Student Games was launched in the middle of 2016. About 30 categories of products were opened for the manufacturers. More than 50 Russian companies have applied for a licensees certificate. This November Goznak also became a licensee and received a certificate for issuing products with the symbols of the Student Games. Dmitry Shishkin, Head of Department of Marketing and Retail Markets of the Sales Directorate of Goznak: We have completed the first stage, the license contract has been signed, and Goznak has received the right of production and sales of licensed products with the symbols of Winter Universiade 2019. At the educational seminar held by the Organizational Committee of the Universiade, we discussed the concept of the branded future products together with other manufacturers. And the specialists of Goznak have already started developing the new license direction. Goznak already has the experience of designing and production of licensed products. The Saint Petersburg Mint has produced gold, silver and bronze medals of a unique construction for the winners of the 27th World Summer Universiade in Kazan. Within the framework of the new project, Goznak will produce commemorative tokens and medals of base metals. Sales of branded products are planned in 2018 already, and one can buy them via the e-shop of the Student Games. A few main themes have already been determined for the products design development. Those are first of all the official symbols and the mascot of the games. It was no coincidence that the Siberian husky was chosen the mascot of Universiade 2019, it is a symbol of loyalty, amiability, joy and indomitable energy. Every participant will need these qualities at the Universiade. We are planning to issue a whole series with the image of the mascot and the sports of the event. We are also negotiating an opportunity of issuing Sights of the City of Krasnoyarsk and Sports Facilities series of commemorative medals at the moment. Artists of the Art Studio of the Moscow Mint are working upon the design projects of the licensed products of Universiade 2019; they have proved their high professional level more than once, including the license programs of Universiade 2013 in Kazan and Olympic Games 2014 in Sochi. The official site of the 29th World Winter Universiade 2019 in Krasnoyarsk
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