Goznak is a sponsor of COINS-201715.09.2017

The Eighth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2017, the only international forum in Russia dedicated to coin and order production will traditionally gather the key players of the coin market in Moscow on September 22-23, 2017. Goznak is the gold sponsor of  COINS-2017.
coins struck at the Saint Petersburg Mints of Goznak will be on display at the central booth of the exhibition. Sales of the coin shops and Russmint e-shop will be organized here too. Videos about the new technologies of development and production of commemorative coins at the Mints of Goznak will be shown on plasma screens. Skilled professionals of the company will answer all the visitors questions.  
Within the framework of COINS-2017, the awarding ceremony of the winners of the Eleventh International Commemorative Coin Competition Coin Constellation will take place on September 23 at 8 p.m. this year, more than 220 coins from 27 countries were submitted to the competition. Many of the winning coins will be exhibited at the booths. 17 coins struck at the Mints of Goznak take part in the competition this year (6 coins struck at the Moscow Mint and 11 struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint).  
During the two days, on September 22 and 23, coin producers and distributors will demonstrate the achievements of minting of the 21st century representing a unity of the classical and modern coin and medal art within the framework of the Exhibition and Conference COINS-2017.
Guests of the exhibition will be able to see and buy coins of precious and base metals, antique and medieval coins, coins of the modern time issued in large numbers and real rarities able to decorate any private or museum collection.
Special attention will be paid to coins decorated with precious stones, innovative coins with inserts of nano chips and nano crystals.

Every year, COINS attracts thousands of visitors; there are not only beginning collectors and professional numismatists among them. Whole families come to the exhibition. As always, this year there will be awarding actions, interactive programs prepared by the History of Money Exposition Center of Goznak creative guessing games, thrilling quests, all possible competitions for adults and children. Winners will receive rare coins, valuable numismatic literature and accessories, catalogues, coin albums and many other gifts from the exhibition organizers and exponents.  
Any guest of COINS-2017 will have an opportunity to make a token using a historical minting press of Goznak; will be able to talk to the coin producers, experts and technologists of the mints directly, will receive practical advice of the specialists engaged in promoting coin and medal products in the market and its successful sales in the internet. It will be possible to do all that within the framework of the exhibition as well as the conference on September 22 and 23 all willing will take part in open numismatic seminars.  

        At the conference for the professional players of the market, currewnt questions of the market of commemorative and investment coins will be discussed events and jubilees of the mints of the world, innovations in the coin production, efficient methods of coin sales and the present condition of the market of investment coins. Andrey Brynza, an artist of the Design Center of Goznak will be one of the reporters; he will describe the role of laser technologies in forming an artistic image of commemorative coins and medals. Authoritative investors will share the secrets of financial investments into coins of precious metals and explain how to read stock market data correctly and what steps it is better to avoid in the investment market.  
The specialists of the History of Money Exposition Center of Goznak will have a great interactive program for children and adults.

       Russian and English are the official languages of the conference. Synchronous interpretation will be organized during the working sessions of the conference.  
The venue: Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Russia, Moscow, Europe Square 2 (Kievskaya metro station).  

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