Saints Day at the Mint 11.09.2017

On August 23, the Saint Petersburg Mint and the History of Money exhibition center welcomed special guests. Goznaks emloyees played hosts to two boys, participants of Angels Day program at the 5th Channel. Two brothers, Ruslan and Nikita, have never separated. For Ruslan, it is great joy to see a happy smile on his younger brothers face. Therefore, on his birthday he asked to fulfill the dream of inquiring Nikita who wanted to know how money is made.  

Ruslan and Nikita have lived through a lot of bitter moments because of their drinking father. Hunger, blows and cold. They lived on their own in a hut for almost a year. At the age of 14 Ruslan replaced both Mother and Father for his 10 year old brother. He can do anything cook, repair, wash, clean. He taught the younger Nikita to read and write. On the whole, Ruslan stands firm for his brother youd be alright with him! The kids are very communicative and quick-witted they grasp everything in a single flash. Moreover, they are sportsmen. They are the best football players at their orphanage.    
On Ruslans birthday, Dasha and Maxim, hosts of Angels Day program, decided to take the brothers to a place every boy would like to visit to a real segwaydrome.  
Our young football players experienced a real burst of emotions when they met Konstantin Zyryanov, a halfback of Zenit-2. The boys kicked the ball about the new stadium in Saint Petersburg where FIFA World Cup will take place in 2018 under the supervision of a personal coach. The stadium impressed the boys of course they havent been to anything like that before.
A visit to the Exhibition Center and the Mint also impressed the boys a lot. They learned what the money had looked like in the ancient times, saw one of the first coins struck at the Saint Petersburg Mint, held in their hands the biggest commemorative coin in Russia made of 5 kilograms of gold and they created and printed their own souvenir banknotes.  
Andrey Kondratiev, Head of a Workshop of the coin and order production, and Anton Zazulya, a technologist, met the boys at the doors of the Saint Petersburg Mint. The long-standing inhabitants of the mint not only showed the boys the way coin striking takes place, but also involved them into the thrilling process of their production. The brothers left the mint with gifts titled medals they had made with their own hands. The specialists helped Ruslan to mint a medal with an inscription, The Mint. To Ruslan on his birthday. Nikita minted a medal with an inscription, The Mint. To Nikita with best wishes. There is an image of an angel on the Cathedral of the Peter and Paul Fortress on the obverse of the medals.
Quite a large group of workers gathered in order to meet with the boys. Including the oldest employee of the mint Gennady Pavlyuchenkov, an operator of cold-pressing equipment with 41 years of experience. He wished the boys to grow healthy and smart and come to work at the Saint Petersburg Mint when they grow up. The workers applauded the first success of Ruslan and Nikita in medal production.  
The main aim of Angels Day program is to help orphans find a new home and a new family. We wish Nikita and Ruslan to succeed in that. They are great!  
Any family will become friendly and active with these boys. We would like to believe that the future foster parents of Ruslan and Nikita will give the boys positive emotions that will help them to get hand in life.  
Angels Day program dedicated to Nikita and Ruslan was on air on Sunday, September 10 at 8:35 a.m. You can watch it here:
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