A meeting of Dmitry Medvedev with Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak, took place on August 16, 2017.16.08.2017

Photo: Press-Service of the Government of the Russian Federation
Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation focused the attention on implementing digital technologies into the everyday life of the state, emphasizing his awareness of a whole number of technological solutions made by Goznak to carry out these tasks.  

Arkady Trachuk noted that from the point of view of the digital economy, the tasks solved by Goznak today are of top priority. In recent years, the company has been working upon creating and developing both Data Processing Centers facilitating the services of processing modern identification documents, and documents proving the identity in the electronic environment.

Dmitry Medvedev stressed the importance of this work, as it provides effective usage of the public information resources, the document itself and the document issuing system, and consequently the federal budget funds. Moreover, the modern documents may provide a person’s identification in the electronic environment and be a carrier of the electronic signature.

Head of Goznak noted that Goznak would celebrate its 200th anniversary in 2018 as a joint stock company. Throughout the years, the name of the company has been changed once, and the legal organizational form has been altered four times.

Dmitry Medvedev agreed that Goznak’s transformation into a joint stock company would make the company more flexible and effective, enable it to move from the organic growth solely to the commercial strategy. He pointed out that it is important for the company’s development.
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