A coin for the victory 28.07.2017

In May 2017, the Bank of Russia put into circulation a commemorative coin with the face value of 25 roubles, World Championship of Practical Carbine Shooting struck at the Moscow Mint of Goznak.  
In July, we received a Letter of Gratitude from Federation of Practical Shooting of Russia addressed to the General Director of Goznak.
The letter informed us that the first World Championship of Practical Carbine Shooting had taken place in Russia in June with the participation of 600 athletes from 40 countries of the world.
The Russian national team won the medal ranking of the Championship; it won 11 gold, 8 silver and 7 bronze medals and outstripped the national teams of the USA (2nd position) and Finland (3rd position).  
Goznak, and the Moscow Mint in particular, made a great contribution into the preparation and holding of the World Championship by striking new commemorative coins with the face value of 25 roubles by the beginning of the sports event.
Thanks to Goznaks active assistance, the First World Championship was held at a high organizational and professional level, - the Letter of Gratitude continues.
The coin dedicated to the Championship was struck of cupronickel in the number of 150,000 pieces. In spite of the laconic image and the fact that the coin was struck of non-precious metal, its price on the secondary market exceeds the face value a few dozen times.  
According to Sergey Boyev, Head Technologist of the Moscow Mint, the preparation works to the coin minting were carried out in the normal mode.  
As always, a big team of specialists of the Moscow Mint technologists, programmers, turners, heat treatment operators, adjusters and many others - took part in preparing the production. Victor Semenovich Tyazhin, the most experienced adjuster of cold upsetting equipment minted the coin in the automatic mode. For the Moscow Mint, the quantity of the coin 150,000 pieces is not big; it was minted in one day after the corresponding preparation.  
Fedor Andronov, an artist of the Territorialk Art Studio in Saint Petersburg, was the author of the sketch of the reverse of the coin.
According to the artist, the work upon the coin sketch was carried out in the shortest time. According to the customers demand, it was necessary to place the official emblem of the World Championship of Carbine Practical Shooting on the coin reverse. The customers approved the first sketch with minor technical corrections.
Logos and official emblems are transferred to the relief image of the coin according to the exact brand book instructions as a rule. In this case, I didnt have such instructions, but as the sketch was approved at once, I had managed to take a good aim within the framework of the brand book of the Championship.    
It is very ice to receive feedback on your work, says Fedor Andronov. However, because I work at Goznak, I perceive the coin not as a product made according to my sketch, but as a result of the work of a huge team of specialists.
A small cupronickel coin issued on the occasion of the Championship became a mascot for the Russian sport shooters and brought luck to them. That means that there is a contribution of dozens of Goznak employees who took part in creating the commemorative coin, in the victory of the Russian national team.
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