The Day of Family, Love and Loyalty07.07.2017

Last Friday, the atmosphere in the overcrowded hall of the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak was very special and heartwarming. Everybody knew that they had gathered because of a special reason on the Eve of celebrating the 10th all-Russian Day of Family, Love and Loyalty, eleven Goznaks families received awards dedicated to the holiday.

Opening the awarding ceremony, Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak noted that there was a great idea at the heart of the holiday The family is the basis of a human life and a society existence, it is the basis preventing each of us from feeling lonely on this earth. It is a great feeling of being a part of the life of our spouse, children, grandchildren, parents  Of course, it is especially pleasant to honor the families of Goznaks employees who have given many years to our company and, most significantly, created excellent families, thanks to them our Goznak thrives and prospers.  

A commemorative medal approved by the Fund of Cultural Initiatives and a Certificate of Merit are given to families who have lived for 25 years and more together, are recognized in their teams, their cities and towns as an honorary family which can be taken as an example and should be respected.  

Goznak has taken an active part in preparing and holding the holiday during all these years. The awards of the Fund of Social and Cultural Initiatives are minted at the Moscow Mint of Goznak. A few thousand medals of the sort are minted every year. We started with 2000; this year, 8000 were minted already.

On July 7, at the instruction of the Organizational Committee of the Day of Family, Love and Loyalty, Arkady Trachuk awarded six families of Goznak employees of the Moscow branches of the company. Among them, there are: a specialist of the Chief Mechanics Department of the Moscow Printing Works Tatiana Mironova and her husband Alexander; a senior timekeeper of the Moscow Printing Factory Galinba Bychkova and her husband Alexander; a specialist of the Personnel Department of the Administrative Directorate of Goznak Nikolay Badzhurak and his wife Olga. The family of Alexey and Tatiana Kozlovs, a senior master and a purchasing specialist of the Moscow Printing Factory. They had a picture taken all together. Viacheslav Kurochka, a heat-treater of the workshop of tools production of the Moscow Mint, and his wife Irina, Olga Sigaeva, Chief Accountant of the Research Institute of Goznak and her husband Valery also received congratulations on that day.  

By the way, the family of Kozlovs came to the celebration together with their parents and sons. Dmitry is an electrician, and Ilya is a printer; they both work at the Moscow Printing Factory.

It was a real holiday with huge baskets of daisies, rounds of cheers made by the colleagues of the awardees, with smiles and tears of happiness, champagne and a lot of warm words.

Five other Goznaks families will receive the awards within the next few days. The family of Natetkovs in Saint Petersburg: Alexander is a specialist of the Watermark Workshop, and Galina is Head of the Production Planning Department of the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill. The family of Nikolaevs will accept congratulations together with them: Nikolay is a turner, and Larisa is a storekeeper of the Saint Petersburg Mint.  

The awards have been given to two families of the employees of the Perm Printing Family. The family of Arapovs Eduard is a printer, and Elena is a storekeeper. And the family of Kuznetsovs the head of the family Sergey is a printer, and his wife Venera is Head of Department of Industrial Safety, Labor Protection and Ecology.  

Sergey Kurochkin, a driver, and his wife Marina, Deputy Chief Accountant, receive congratulations at the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill.  


For Goznak, the family is a concept applied to the whole team of the company. Very many families were started at Goznak; they worked together for many years here. Many peoples parents used to work here, their children do now. There are a lot of such dynasties at Goznak. The enterprise was organized this way since the very beginning in 1818. Right within the territory of the present Saint Petersburg Paper Mill, where Goznak was founded, there was a town. People lived here, there was a large club and a church, a kindergarten, a technical school and a library. Naturally, families were started here from the very beginning; and it is thanks to them that Goznak thrives and prospers. It is fair to say that the family is one of the foundations of our successful work.  

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