High technologies in the service of protection and security 03.07.2017

The Seventh International Conference on security technologies and solutions Watermark Conference 2017 is taking place in Yekaterinburg, in Hyatt Regency Hotel. Goznak is the General Sponsor of it. More than 250 delegates from three dozens of countries are taking part in it.
The welcome cocktail dedicated to opening the Seventh International Conference on security technologies and solutions Watermark Conference 2017 took place in the evening of July 4.
Mistress of the Copper Mountain and Danila the Craftsman met the conference delegates and held an entertaining lottery with prizes. Its fifty winners received original presents the Ural semi-precious stones - from the mythic mountain ghost.  
Valery Presnyakov, General Director of Watermark Publishing House and a representative of the Organizational Committee of the conference and Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak, announced the festive opening of Watermark Conference. He wished the participants successful work, hot discussions, fruitful negotiations, new partners and bright impressions.  

Today, on July 5, Arkady Trachuk, General Director of Goznak addressed the top managers of the leading world manufacturers and customers of security products with a welcoming word at the first working session of the conference. He specified the major trends of the development of security technologies and solutions. He directed the delegates attention to the fact that the security product market has been facing serious changes recently. More and more documents either become electronic, or a combined solution is applied, when a printed document (already simpler) is used together with an electronic system. It is no coincidence that the problems of digital documents and payment methods, as well as document security in the blockchain environment are presented for discussion at the conference.
Alexander Yurov, Director of Cash Turnover Department of the Bank of Russia, shared his professional opinion on the nearest future of cash.  
Within the context of the rapidly changing global landscape of payments, the future of the banknote industry depends on effective interaction between the issuing authorities and the industry players, was the presentation theme of Julia Ansho, regional Business Manager of SICPA S.A. (Switzerland).
Mikhail Poluyanov, Sales Manager of KBA-NotaSys SA (Switzerland) demonstrated an innovative security production technology.  He also described a new approach to working with their clients. The companys contractors can decrease the total number of personnel and modernize their production thanks to combining various technologies (focused at decreasing the waste and minimizing the ink consumption). The reporter demonstrated how the latest innovations of technologies and process support the security printing industry in creating high-security and esthetically pleasant banknotes, using the samples of the new Swiss banknotes.  
The presentations caused discussions both in the hall and on the sidelines of the conference. For example, a representative of YAM International wondered about the attitude of a representative of the Bank of Russia to cryptocurrencies. After Alexander Yurovs answer, Georgy Kornilov, Director of the Research Institute Branch of Goznak and the session moderator, specified that the fourth session Informational Security Technologies would be dedicated to digital documents and payment methods as well as document protection in the blockchain environment.  
At this working session, the participants of Watermark Conference were offered topics related to the relations of blockchain-based payment technologies and traditional payment instruments, for sharing their opinions.  The problem of protecting data in the blockchain environment is more challenging than ever. Dmitry Ermolaev, General Director of Aronicle and a blockchain architect, and Egor Kotkin, Business Strategy Consultant of Emercoin, offered their variants of its solution. Egor Kazartsev, Head of Printing Security Technologies Department of the Research Institute Branch of Goznak, describes the algorithm of interaction of elements of this system used for the protection of excise stamps, in his report Authentication of products in the Track & Trace system for security printed products.
A separate session of the conference is dedicated to the cutting-edge conceptual solutions of banknote security; within its framework, Barna Barnabas, Deputy Executive Director of Jura JSP (Austria) demonstrated a so far secret security feature for banknotes read with the help of a smartphone.  
In the capital of Ural, the delegates of Watermark Conference-2017 looked for an answer to the question, What should a perfect passport be like? together, discussed the perspectives of development and application of electronic documents of the new generation. Ultramodern physical security features for polycarbonate ID documents were demonstrated during the presentations; the conference delegates shared effective recording methods for overt and covert security of ID cards.  
The topic of campaign against counterfeited documents will not be left unnoticed. Wayne Fletcher, Director of Government Vertical Marketing of Entrust Datacard (USA) confirmed convincingly that reliable transactions and security documents are the basis of the state safety. Owen Lang, Regional Sales Director of Foster & Freeman Limited (Great Britain), demonstrated a brand new technology for examining documents evoking suspicions.
Today holograms are practically a compulsory technological attribute allowing to protect banknotes and documents reliably. Michael Sidorov, Deputy Director of Research and Development of International Hologram Manufacturers Association (Great Britain), dedicated his presentation to the condition of the hologram industry and its recent trends at the session dedicated to the topic. Michael Sohotsky, Vice President of Sales in Central and Eastern Europe and the CIS of Surys (France), presents his report The evolution of DID technology, or how to be a step ahead of counterfeiters.
Side-by-side with Watermark Conference 2017, there is an exhibition where the leading world and Russian companies present their brand new developments in the field of security technologies.
Watermark Conference-2017 is held with the support of the leading companies of the security industry. Goznak (Russia) is the general sponsor of the conference; Komori Corporation (Japan), YAM International CIS (Russia), KBA-NotaSys SA and SICPA SA (Switzerland) are honorary sponsors. Krypten (Russia), HoloGrate (Russia), Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga Security Papers (Russia), OSTCARD (Russia) are sponsors.  
Watermark Publishing House is the conference organizer.  
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