The Moscow Mint is 75! 25.04.2017

On April 25, 2017 we are celebrating 75 years since the Moscow Mint of Goznak was founded.

In 1942, the Leningrad Mint evacuated to Krasnokamsk at the beginning of the Great Patriotic war, executed the orders for the production of military awards, orders and medals, with difficulty. Therefore, the Council of People's Commissars of the USSR issued a special decree to found the military awards production site in Moscow. The new coin and order production site received production space within the territory of the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak.

The Moscow Mint started to acquire its own tool shop and the whole production at once. The Mint in Krasnokamsk developed the technologies, prepared the tools and handed them to their colleagues in Moscow.

Already in the spring of 1942, the Moscow Mint started the production of military and later on first labor awards. At that moment, it was the main task the team was entrusted with.

And in spite of difficulties the enterprise coped with the task. In 1942 1944 the Moscow Mint produced medals For Gallantry, For Combat Services, For the Defense of Sevastopol, For the Defense of Odessa, For the Defense of Stalingrad, To a Partisan of the Patriotic War of two classes, For the Defense of Moscow and For the Defense of the Caucasus, Motherhood Medal of two classes, medal For the Defense of the Soviet Arctic Circle, Orders of the Red Star and the Patriotic war of the second class, as well as the first labor awards Badge of Honor order, and medals For Labour Valour and For Distinguished Labour.

During the war, mostly graduates of industrial schools, women and teenagers were employed at the Moscow branch of the Mint. They formed the skeleton staff of the Mint in Moscow that was created for the production of military awards, and as the years went by, it grew and became one of the largest and best-equipped enterprises of coin and order products in the world.

It was at the Moscow Mint of Goznak that the first medals for high school graduates were struck in 1946. By the way, in 1946 1956 school medals were made of gold and silver. Since 1959, under the order the Ministry of Finance of the USSR, the production of all orders and medals of the USSR of gold and silver, as well as products of strict accounting (orders and medals of nonferrous metals) was concentrated at the Moscow Mint.

In 1968, the Council of Ministers of the USSR issued a special mandate about constructing a new production site of the Moscow Mint with the total area of 15 17 thousand square meters. The building was accomplished at the beginning of the 1980s. Valery Blinkov, a legendary director of the Moscow Mint who had been head of the enterprise for almost 30 years took charge of the project preparation and the site construction, mastering and startup of the new production site.

The Moscow Mint participated in the Olympic Games of 1980 in Moscow. The plant started minting the Olympic coins in 1975. Then the Moscow Mint had a complicated task to strike a few series of coins with the face values of 50, 100 roubles of gold and 5, 10 roubles of silver. The difficulty of executing the order was that there was no experience of manufacturing such coins in the country. It was necessary to produce one third of the total quantity of coins in the highest quality proof, with the mirror surface of the background and the opaque image of the gravure. As a result of consolidated work of the team of the Moscow Mint, the task of producing coins dedicated to Olympiad-80 was carried out successfully within the time limits set with high quality of products. Having accomplished the program of minting coins with the Olympic symbols in 1980, the Moscow Mint produced coins of 45 titles of gold, platinum, silver and cupronickel with the highest minting quality.

30 years later, when the preparation to minting coins under the Sochi 2014 program of the Bank of Russia, the Moscow and Saint Petersburg Mints of Goznak carried out the order applying the cutting-edge technologies of minting commemorative coins. It was then that the two-headed eagle appeared on the reverse of the Russian coins for the first time since 1917.

The Presidential Commission of State Awards was organized on October 29, 1991. For the Defender of the Free Russia medal became the first state award of the new Russia; it was given to active participants of the events of August 1991. The Moscow Mint produced the award.

In 1993, the specialists of the Moscow Mint mastered the technology of compound (bicolor) coins of nonferrous metal with the face values of 50 and 100 roubles successfully. The straight-line mechanical method of coin production with the application of automated product processing systems was applied for the first time in the domestic and world practice. All stages of the technological process were automated.

The products of the Moscow Mint received international prizes and awards many times. The Monument to Peter the Great gold coin with the face value of 100 roubles by artist Alexander Kolodkin and sculptor Alexei Novichkov was chosen the Coin of the Year and won the first position of the 20th European Numismatic Conference in Basel in 1991.

The authoritative jury of the 10th International Competition Coin Constellation-2016 named the seven Elk commemorative coins of the Bank of Russia the Series of the Year; craftsmen of the Moscow Mint had worked upon it together with their colleagues from Saint Petersburg. The coins were issued within the framework of the famous series Let us preserve our world issued by the Bank of Russia since 1992.

At the end of 2016, the first series of commemorative and investment coins of the Football 2018 program of the Bank of Russia dedicated to holding FIFA 2018 World Cup and FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 in Russia. It is an order of the Bank of Russia; specialists of the Saint Petersburg and Moscow Mints of Goznak are working upon it at the moment.

Today the Moscow Mint Branch of Goznak is one of the largest coin and order production sites of the world. It is the main manufacturer of the Russian subsidiary coins with all face values. Craftsmen of the Moscow Mint carry out orders for the production of state and departmental awards, subsidiary and commemorative coins not only under the order of the Bank of Russia, but also under the orders of the Russian commercial banks and national banks of other countries successfully.

During the 75 years, a highly professional, energetic and friendly team has been formed at the Moscow Mint. The traditions of special Goznaks attitude to ones job are preserved at the a rule, when people come to work at the Mint, they acquire the profession of coin-makers, and later on they bring their family members, children to work here too. That is how dynasties appear; they are treated with special respect in the team. The dynasties of Suvorins, Kosarevs, Tyazhins, Platanovs Minters, engravers, artists, technologists, engineers who work here are the main treasure of the Moscow Mint.

A large-scale modernization has been carried out at the Moscow Mint during the last few years. Today the production site is equipped with cutting-edge automated equipment for the production and packing of subsidiary coins and commemorative coins of precious metals. New minting presses for the production of subsidiary coins, as well as presses for minting gold coins with the automatic feeding have been purchased and installed. The Moscow Mint has switched to enlarged packing of subsidiary and commemorative coins of nonferrous metals; the line of automatic feeding of the coin blanks into the presses and unloading of the minted coins operates successfully. The Moscow Mint of Goznak is the only enterprise in the world equipped with a unique installation developed in Russia for the application of security coatings to silver coins. The silicon oxide coating protects the coin surface from corrosion effectively (natural oxidation of silver under the influence of the environment).

Two installations for tampon printing of coloured images on coins, medals and orders have been introduced into production. The Moscow Mint applied the technology for the production of The 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941 1945 jubilee medals for the first time. Later, the production of coins of proof quality with a coloured image on the disk surface was mastered. Today the technology is applied actively for the production of coins with the face value of 25 roubles dedicated to 2018 FIFA World Cup in the Russian Federation.

The products manufactured at the Moscow Mint today are noted for high minting quality, technical perfection and unique design. Craftsmen of the Moscow Mint possess technologies, necessary tools, skills and experience for the manufacture of technically perfect products of gold, silver and base metals with partial gilding and silvering, blackening and enamel coating of various colours, application of precious stones encrusting. The team has made products having no equals in the world in the complexity, beauty and craftsmanship.

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