The Russian banknote design author is celebrating a jubilee30.03.2017

On March 31, 2017 Igor Sergeevich Krylkov, an Honored Artist of the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic, the design author of banknotes, commemorative coins, documents, stamps, lottery tickets and other products of Goznak since the end of the 1940s till the beginning of the 2000s, is celebrating his 90th anniversary. One can see many works by Igor Krylkov at the History of Money Exposition (Saint Petersburg, the Peter and Paul Fortress).  
A pupil of Ivan Ivanovich Dubasov (a famous artist of Goznak, the design author of the majority of the Soviet banknotes of 1924 1961, as well as the final version of the State Coat of Arms of the USSR), Igor S. Krylkov also became a legend of Goznak. The first banknote he created was 1 rouble of the model of 1947 (reverse). Igor Krylkov also developed the design of the paper money of the model of 1997 (the so-called city series) still in circulation today.  
At the age of 16, Igor Krylkov became a pupil of the workshop of Ivan Dubasov, Head Artist of Goznak. During his long creative biography he did a lot of things he became the author of the design of paper money, commemorative coins, seamans passport, military service record card, lottery tickets, postage stamps and envelops. In 1989, Krylkov was appointed Head Artist of Goznak and kept the position till 2001.  
On display at the History of Money Exposition, there are banknotes created with the participation of Igor Krylkov. They are 1 rouble of the model of 1947 (its reverse became the artists diploma work), the Soviet and Russian paper money of the model of 1961 1997.  
Igor Krylkov also worked upon the design of commemorative coins. Some of them are demonstrated at the History of Money Exposition they are commemorative coins of 1967 issued for the 50th anniversary of the Soviet power with the face values of 50 kopecks and 1 rouble, as well as 1 rouble issued in 1983 for the 400th anniversary of death of the first printer Ivan Fedorov.
Besides, one can see sketches made by Igor Sergeevich personally, at the Exposition. They are a sketch of the famous voucher the privatization cheque of 1992; sketches of the first banknotes of the city series of 1993 1994, including the sketch of the unissued banknote of the Bank of Russia with the face value of 100,000 roubles of 1993; a few sketches with portraits for example, a sketch of the 500-rouble banknote with the portrait of Alexander Pushkin made in 1995. They are all unique materials, the majority of them have not been exhibited before.  
The team of Goznak congratulates Igor Sergeevich Krylkov with his 90th anniversary and wishes the Master good health and new creative success.  

The History of Money Exposition: Saint Petersburg Peter and Paul Fortress, Anninskiy Cavalier of Golovkin Bastion.
Telephones: + 7 (812) 324-14-68 and +7 (921) 4152534.

For reference:
The Museum of the History of Money operates in Anninskiy Cavalier of the Peter and Paul Fortress. It is dedicated to the history of currency circulation in Russia since ancient times till the 21st century. Over twenty-five hundred exhibits are on display in the two-level exhibition space. The collection basis is formed of unique objects from the collection of the Preservation Fund of Goznak and Munzkabinett of the Saint Petersburg Mint.  
Many of the objects on display are demonstrated to the general public for the first time in particular, the projects of the state banknotes of the model of 1843; project sketches of the Soviet coins and banknotes of the 1920s 1940s; trial coins of 1995 and 1998.  
The visitors will also be able to see unique tools for coin and medal minting of the 18th 20th centuries applied at the Saint Petersburg Mint.
The visitors will see what a million of roubles consisting of 1-rouble coins looks like the Million Installation is the absolute dominant of the display area.
The Exposition will help the visitors to improve their skill of authenticating banknotes as well as learn more about the modern payment systems.
Besides the money banknotes and coins (including unrealized projects) there are various moneyboxes, purses, decorations of coins on display at the Exposition.
Thematic videos and interactive installations are prepared for the visitors.

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