Goznaks scientific unveilings 14.02.2017

The traditional 7th Scientific and Practical Conference New Developments in the field of security of materials and processes took place at the Research Institute of Goznak at the beginning of February.

From the very beginning, the conference organizers invited their partners from other organizations to take part in the discussion of cutting-edge specialized problems of the industry. The interest to participate in the scientific discussions at the Research Institute of Goznak has always been great. However, according to Georgy Kornilov, Director of the Research Institute of Goznak, this time both the employees of Goznak and representatives of the companys partners were especially active. 200 delegates, including 90 guests from 32 organizations, gathered in the hall where scientific discussions took place for two days.  

Only a decade ago, cash money was the only instrument of payment for a small purchase, but today it competes with brand new payment instruments. What place will the banknote occupy in the future currency circulation?

On the basis of the modern challenges, the currency circulation makes a whole number of demands to the banknotes. If they are fulfilled, the banknotes will have a good prospect in the future.

Realizing the demands, the banknote manufacturers have to optimize their production, master new technologies and offer new solutions; thats what Goznak does.

Practically every report of the conference was an answer to the banknote challenges specified by Georgy Kornilov.

Perspectives of application of composite materials on the basis of cellulose for the production of high security products by Goznak were discussed at the conference. Including Plamet, a unique development of the specialists of Goznak (that has no analogues in the world), and how the material has been improved recently.

A story about the experiments and abilities of the Research Institute in mastering new methods of taming elementary particles with the aim of creating modern security features.

A new counting and sorting machine BARS C5 of the second generation was presented for the first time at the conference. Stoi paper TM - banknote paper with the increased circulation life, a patented development of the Research Institute of Goznak, was also announced here for the first time.

Each of the eight reports of the conference attracted great interest and many questions of the discussion participants.

On the second day of the conference, there was a closed round table where the matters of improving the technologies, testing methods, production problems and interaction between the enterprises of Goznak were discussed.  

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