The History of Money Museum invites to its New Year programs 20.12.2016

On the pre-holiday days and during the New Year holidays adults and children will be able to see the lucky rouble, to stand in the money rain, hold the 5-kilogram gold coin and help Father Frost to restore photos in Instagram. The Magic Moneybox family program Father Frosts Instagram quest have been prepared at the History of Money Museum located within the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress. It is possible to take part in the programs on December 24 29 and January 4 8.  

The Magic Moneybox program invites the guests of the History of Money Exposition to the world of legends and myths connected with money. The guides will explain which rouble was considered lucky. The guests of the museum will come to know whether the melting down of bells during the times of Peter the Great was really connected with the shortage of metal for copper coins minting; they will see what the coins of platinum looked like. Touring the exhibition together with the guide, the visitors will see exhibits connected with the names of Alexander Menshikov and Mikhail Lomonosov, Sergey Vitte and Vladimir Lenin. Everybody will have an opportunity to touch the biggest and heaviest Russian coins one of them is made of 5 kilograms of gold, the other is of 5 kilograms of silver. There is also magic money rain in the program where one should make wishes (and believe that they will come true). And, of course, the visitors will see a collection of moneyboxes.
So that moneyboxes in every family were never empty, the guides will share reliable beliefs of attracting money.
The Magic Moneybox holiday program will be open on December 24 29 and January 4 8 (including Thursday December 29 and January 5).
The program starts at 3:30 p.m. A ticket for adults costs 250 roubles, for schoolchildren, students and pensioners 150 roubles. No preliminary booking is necessary.


The History of Money Museum also invites to participate in Father Frosts Instagram New Year quest. One should only come to the museum on these dates at any time from 10:00 a.m. till 7:30 p.m. and buy an ordinary entrance ticket (200 roubles for adults; 100 roubles for schoolchildren, students and pensioners) and receive a booklet with tasks together with it.  
The thing is that shortly before the New Year, Father Frost visited the History of Money Museum. He was very interested in the modern exposition opened just a couple of months before. Father Frost took a lot of pictures of the exhibits and shared them with his subscribers. However, something went wrong with the server, and all the pictures disappeared. There remained only comments of the subscribers. Father Frost will be grateful if the visitors of the museum help him to restore the lost information. For that, it is enough to study the exposition attentively and understand what was on the lost images. One should leave the filled-in booklet at the cash office of the museum. After the holidays, there will be a draw of commemorative coin sets among the guests who list all the quest exhibits.
Moreover, all visitors of the History of Money Exposition will be able to take great pictures against the background of the tower made of a million of 1-rouble coins and next to other, not less spectacular exhibits.

Magic Moneybox family program December 24 29 and January 4 8, starting at 3:30 p.m.
Father Frosts Instagram quest December 24 29 and January 4 8, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.
The History of Money Exposition is located within the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress, in Anninskiy Cavalier (next to Sobornaya Square).  
Telephone: + 7 (812) 324-14-68

For reference:
The History of Money Exposition operates in Anninskiy Cavalier of the Peter and Paul Fortress. It is dedicated to the history of the currency circulation on Russia since ancient times and up to the 21st century. In the two-level exhibition space there are over two and a half thousand exhibits. Unique objects from the collection of the Storing Fund of Goznak and Muntz-Cabinet of the Saint Petersburg Mint formed the basis of the museum collection.  
Many of the objects on display are demonstrated to the general public for the first time in particular, projects of the state credit notes of the model of 1843, project drawings of the soviet coins and banknotes of the 1920s 1940s, trial coins of 1995 and 1998.
The visitors will also be able to see the unique tools for striking coins and medals of the 18th 20th centuries used at the Saint Petersburg Mint.  
The visitors will also see what a million of roubles consisting of 1-rouble coins looks like the Million installation is the unquestionable dominant of the exhibition area.
The exposition will help the visitors to improve their skills of banknote authenticating as well as learn about the modern payment systems.
Besides the money banknotes and coins (including unrealized projects), - there are various moneyboxes, purses and decorations of coins in the exposition.
Thematic videos and interactive installations are prepared for the visitors.
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