Congratulations with a high award! 07.12.2016

By Decree No. 572 of the President of the Russian Federation dated October 26, 2016 About awarding with the state decorations, Andrey Borisovich Kuryatnikov, Deputy General Director of Science and Developmnt of Goznak, received the Medal of the Order “Of Merit for the Fatherland” of the second class.  
Alexander Akhpolov, Director of the Department of state regulation in the field of production, recycling and circulation of precious metals and gems and currency control of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, awarded Mr. Kuryatnikov on December 5.  
A graduate of the Saint Petersburg Forest Engineering Academy, a Doctor of Science (Engineering), Andrey Kuryatnikov started working at the company 19 years ago. He became Head of the Group of Marketing of the Department of Export and Import Operations of Goznak practically at once.
From the very first days of his work, Mr. Kuryatnikov showed enviable sense of purpose and a desire to master everything necessary for his work perfectly. He finished language courses, improved his English, upgraded his qualification at the Moscow Institute of International Business at the Academy of External Trade of the Ministry of Trade of the Russian Federation according to the program “A lawyer in the field of international relations”.  
Not only Russian colleagues, but also employees of partners abroad know Andrey Kuryatnikov well.
Andrey Kuryatnikov was Head of the Export Department, Director of Marketing; in 2006 he was appointed Director of Science and Development of Goznak.
It was largely thanks to Mr. Kuryatnikov’s efforts, commitment and insistence that Goznak returned to the world market of security products at the beginning of the 2000s. the number of the company’s victories in tenders held by central and national banks, ministries and agencies of foreign countries for the supply of banknote paper, banknotes, coins and system solutions offered by Goznak.
Today, a team of young qualified specialists works together with Andrey Kuryantikov; he shares his experience, knowledge and skills of working with potential foreign customers of Goznak with them.
In 2016, supplies of banknote paper to India, Indonesia and other countries were continued. The projects of passport and visa systems in Abkhazia and Laos are realized successfully. The company won two tenders for the production and supply of two denominations of peso for Columbia.  
Today export is one of the main activities of Goznak. The growing number of foreign clients, the expanding portfolio of export orders provide Goznak with the leading positions in the international market of security products. The company possesses great experience of manufacturing various kinds of security products for the countries of the Latin America, Near East, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and other countries.  

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