There are new unique exhibits in the History of Money exposition 17.10.2016

There have appeared two new exhibits – unique automatic models – in the History of Money exposition created under the initiative and at the expense of Goznak in the Peter and Paul Fortress. They enable the visitors to make a time journey and see how the mint and the paper mill operated in the 18th century.  

A unique manuscript by Andrey Andreevich Nartov (a scientist and an inventor, the son of the personal turner of Peter the Great) dated 1779 showing the coin production cycle at the Petersburg Mint, became the basis for the mint model. Melting furnaces, casting molds, cutting and rimming machines, a screw press for coin minting. The project makers followed the images from the manuscript and conferred with the specialists on the history of the Russian machinery of the time. As a result, one can get an almost complete insight into the labour of the Petersburg coin manufacturers of the 18th century when the machines were started with the help of people and horses instead of steam engines.
The other automatic model demonstrates the production process at the paper mill of the 18th century. In olden times, paper was made of rags. They were subjected to putrefaction, then pounded with special pestles, and then sheets were made with the help of special metallic grids, glued, dried, pressed. Authentic images of the paper mills of the 17th and 18th centuries and the paper history specialists’ consultations were applied in the model development.
The project makers managed not only to show what the mint and the paper mill looked like, but also to make the figures of people move, rotate the presses and put the coins under them, blow the bellows, cast, glue, dry the paper etc. The fire is burning in the “self-blowing” furnaces, the pestles are mixing the paper pulp, the dim flame of a candle is lighting the “chamber” for weighing the finished coins…  
One can observe the unique exhibits during the working hours of the History of Money exposition – every day (except for Thursday), 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.  

For reference:
The History of Money exposition operates in Anninskiy Cavalier of the Peter and Paul Fortress. It is dedicated to the history of the currency circulation in Russia – since ancient times until the 21st century. More than two and a half thousand exhibits are on display in the two-level exhibition area. Unique objects from the collection of the Special Fund of Goznak and Muntz-Cabinet of the Saint Petersburg Mint have formed the basis of the exposition.
Many objects are demonstrated to the general public for the first time – in particular, projects of the state credit notes of the model of 1843; project drawings of the soviet coins and banknotes of the 1920s-1940s; trial coins of 1995 and 1998.
The visitors will also be able to see unique tools for coin and medal striking of the 18th – 20th centuries used at the Saint Petersburg Mint.  
The visitors will learn what a million of roubles consisting of 1-rouble coins looks like – the Million installation is the absolute dominant of the exhibition space.
The exposition will help the visitors to improve their skills of banknote authenticating as well as learn more about the modern payment systems.  
Besides the money – banknotes and coins (including unfulfilled projects) – there are also various moneyboxes, purses, decorations made of coins in the exposition.  
Thematic videos and interactive installations are prepared for the visitors.  
The History of Money exposition is open daily (except for Thursday) at 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. the booking office is open till 7:30 p.m.
Individual visitors can observe the exposition on their own or using the guide services (tours are carried out according to the schedule, preliminary booking is not necessary). Organized groups require preliminary booking (by telephone + 7 (812) 324-14-68 or e-mail  
The Site of the History of Money exposition of the Mint exhibition center:
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