The order for the National Payment System cards has been executed07.09.2016

Joint Stock Company Goznak has completed the dispatch of the first lot of cards of Mir National Payment System produced under the order of AB Rossiya.

The bank provided the card design. The design authors chose shades of blue; the red elements look especially spectacular against their background. On the front side of the card, there are the symbols of Saint Petersburg Scarlet Sails ship drifting along the Neva River past the Peter and Paul Fortress. The image is against the background of the outline of the geographical map of Russia.

The logo of Bank "Rossiya" is in the top-left corner. On the right, there is the card type Debit. In the bottom-left corner, there is the National Payment Card System logo Mir. The graphic symbol of rouble obligatory for all cards of the national payment system can be observed in the UV light to the right of the scarlet sails.

The specialists of Goznak produce payment cards using modern equipment with the application of cutting-edge technologies and materials, in full compliance with the requirements of the National Payment Card System.

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