The Russian Mongolian banknotes and bonds of 1916 1983 02.08.2016

Joint Stock Company Goznak has prepared and issued the second enlarged edition of a unique catalogue dedicated to the participation of Russia in forming the banking system and currency circulation of Mongolia.
Besides the banknotes of Mongolia printed in pre-revolutionary Russia and the Soviet Union, the author of the book Natalia Nikiforova included images and information about the Mongolian bonds of the same period into the enlarged edition.
In the book, there were applied archival data and materials from the repositories of the Special Fund of Goznak, as well as materials provided by the collectors: Sergey Brekke, a dealer of modern banknotes (Moscow); Pavel Zolotarev, a member of the Union of Bonists (Moscow); Igor Savelov, a member of Mongolia Russia Friendship Society (Moscow); Owen W. Linzmayer, publisher of Catalogue (USA). Chingis Dambiev, a postgraduate of the Moscow State Institute for International Relations, rendered great assistance in the works upon the enlarged edition of the book.  
Alexander Mochalov, Head of Division of New Security Technologies Development of Goznak, provided an expert evaluation of the banknotes and bonds displayed in the book. He examined the paper they had been printed on, the applied inks, security features, printing methods.
The employees of the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak carried out the whole pre-printing process. The author of the design, the model and the page proofs was Alexander Yudkin, a digital artist. Elena Sencheva, an engineer and technologist, Vladimir Senchenko, Head of Original and Printing Plate Manufacturing Workshop, Irina Yelaeva, Galina Myakinina, Natalia Dvoryanova, correctors prepared the book for printing. Yuri Kartashov and Sergey Kryukov, colour correctors, Oleg Senchenko, an electronic typesetting and page proof operator, Andrey Grachev and Andrey Khamidulin, printing plate engravers, Tatiana Ugryumova, a specialist of the Press-Service of Goznak and Sergey Kanischev, a specialist of the Protocol Department. Tatiana Abramova, a specialist of the Press-Service, was the project coordinator.  
The author of the edition has carried out a large exploration and research work, accumulated a large amount of graphic, factual and analytic materials. Practically no archive documents or recordings witnessing the peculiarities of creating the banknotes and bonds have been preserved. As a result of the work upon the book, the chronology of editions was reconstructed, the authors of the majority of their design sketches were determined. All the inscriptions on the banknotes and bonds were translated from the old Mongolian and Cyrillic Mongolian written languages. The Mongolian national patterns the artists had applied in the design were examined.    
Some of the banknotes and bonds presented in the catalogue are extremely rare. Including the unique banknotes of 1916 and 1921 unissued due to various reasons preserved at the Special Fund of Goznak. The readers will be able to assure themselves of their beauty, as well as the skill of the specialists of the Expedition of Storing State Papers and Goznak who created them and prepared their publication in the book.  
The Russian Mongolian banknotes and bonds of 1916 1983 Catalogue is issued in the number of 1000 copies. The information about how to buy the book and the price will follow soon.  

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