Goznak is changing its symbol. An eagle has returned to the companys logo. 11.04.2016

During the preparation works for the reorganization of Goznak into a joint-stock company, it has carried out rebranding, modernized the companys symbolics; the new logo is its main element. The modernized corporate symbolics and the new logo will be applied since the moment of Goznaks state registration.
The previous, known to all logo of Goznak was created in the middle of the 1990s. It was first of all a trademark necessary for working not only in the Russian, but also the international markets. Its stylistics have grown noticeably old today, it doesnt correspond to the modern requirements of the corporate design. There is another, not less important reason for changing the logo. The conventional telegraphic denomination Goznak given to the Expedition of Storing State Papers in 1919, after it was moved to Moscow, became the name of the company with time. It is easy to write and pronounce the name in the Latin alphabet GOZNAK. But ǔ letters placed on the shield by the designers of the previous logo, have never been applied in the Latin alphabet as the name of the company. They have been just two letters without any informational, or moreover heraldic meaning.  
The company transformed into a joint-stock company is meeting a new stage of its almost bicentenary existence with a new logo, with an eagle back to it. Or, to say more accurately, its stylized, graphic image.  
The starting point of Goznaks new logo designing was the brand of the Expedition of Storing State Papers created in 1900 by a famous artist, a master of ex-libris Richard Zarrin, who headed the Engraving and Artistic Department of the Expedition in 1899-1919. The choice of the theme helped to preserve the historical continuity in the companys stylistics.
It was from Zaarrins sketch that the proud bird holding the stylized printing tools in its paws flew to Goznaks new logo. Those are tampons for ink application for etching, gravure the progenitor of the intaglio printing method, which Goznak, the only company in Russia, applies for banknote and document printing. The eagle is the conceptual center of the sign composition inserted into the figured shield. The logo also contains the name of the company GOZNAK, placed below the shield.  
The eagle as a symbol of power points at the important state mission assigned to Goznak from the very date of its foundation. Unlike the two-headed eagle from the Coat of Arms personifying the fullness of the state power of Russia, the eagle on Goznaks logo has one head, which symbolizes concentration on one dramatically important function of providing the currency circulation and the state document flow. The professional printing tools in the eagles paws emphasize it. But the tools allow one to suppose that the company possessing a symbol like that carries out a broad spectrum of industrial tasks requiring special delicate workmanship.
The image of a shield on the logo has an additional heraldic meaning protection. It also reflects the specifics of Goznaks products, which should be protected against counterfeiting. By protecting its products and providing guaranteed services Goznak contributes to assuring security and welfare of the state and all its citizens.  
The sign is designed in the laconic stroked manner also emphasizing similarity with a gravure.
The green colour of the logo has been preserved. In the cultural tradition the green colour is connected to such concepts as stability, harmony, balance, confidence. In the European heraldry, the green colour also symbolizes abundance, prosperity and wealth.  
A special worn-out shade of green referring to the respectable age of the company, has been chosen for the modernized corporate symbolics of Goznak.    
The work upon the modernized logo started in March 2015. Then Goznak announced an open competition for a modernization idea of the companys logo. The competition attracted a great interest 434 participants from various parts of the Russian Federation as well as representatives of neighbouring and far-abroad countries took part in it. Totally 1473 works were presented.  
It is necessary to note that in the majority of cases the participants decided to preserve ǔ letters on the shield and the word GOZNAK below the shield in their variants. As a result, there were not too many original solutions among the competition works. The majority of them were made using the same solution. Nevertheless, the committee determined five winners. Viktor Kukharskiy, a well-known designer from Moscow, attracted their attention. The works he had submitted to the competition were designed taking into account the companys historical traditions, logos and brands created by Richard Zarrin.  
In the summer of 2015 Goznak announced a competition for the development and carrying out rebranding. 24 design companies from different cities of Russia took part in it. The committee noted three proposals as real claimants for victory. With the practically equal results, Razvitie won. Viktor Kukharskiy, Head of the company, submitted the improved rebranding variant with the logo that had been one of the five winners of the open creative competition  as the conceptual center.
The work upon the shape and the substance of Goznaks symbol was continued. As a result, a logo giving an idea of Goznak as both a very adult and modern, stable and developing company, with rich traditions, a company solving important tasks and contributing to the provision of security and welfare of the state and its citizens, was created.  

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