Silver and bronze on a stamp dedicated to Kontinental Hockey League 10.03.2016

The Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak under the order of Publishing and Trading Center "Marka" has printed the "Kontinental Hockey League. Gagarin's Cup 2016" stamp. The stamp issue is timed with the beginning of the playoff of the present season as well as with the presentation of the new corporate style of KHL, in which the stamp has been designed.  
Its central detail is Gagarin's Cup, the main prize of Kontinental Hockey League (KHL). To both the sides of the cup, there are two figures of hockey players - the forward and the goal-keeper.

According to Natalia Esenina, an engineer and technologist of the Moscow Printing Factory, the new stamp has been printed with three inks - two metalized (silver and bronze) and black.  

The application of a metalized ink complicates the work with the stamp, and the application of two metalized inks makes it even more difficult.

The bronze Gagarin's Cup shows up against the silver-printed stamp.  

"At first, the customers chose between two variants of the compositional accent on the cup - pantone printing and printing with the bronze ink. Together with the customers, we have come to a conclusion that the bronze ink will convey the metallic lustre of the cup better".

The application of two metalized inks in one product, besides technological difficulties, might have increased the production time due to the longer ink drying period. But the specialists of Goznak managed to optimize the sketch in such a way that the metalized ink application area to one another was minimal.

The number of stamps is 342 thousand pieces (38 thousand sheets). The author of the sketch is R. Komsa, a designer.  

The stamps are issued with the face value of 19 roubles. They are produced on chalk-coated paper with multicolour offset printing and the application of silver and bronze paste. The perforation is comb-like 11.

The stamp size is 37 x 37 mm. The stamp sheet size is 131 x 131 mm. There are 9 (3 x 3) stamps on a stamp sheet.

By the way,

KHL is an open international hockey league (founded in 2008), the strongest league in Europe uniting hockey clubs from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Slovakia, Croatia and Finland.

The main competition trophy, Gagarin's Cup, is given to the winners of the final playoff series of KHL and is a challenge prize. It is given to the captain of the winning team at the championship closing ceremony. The holder of the award receives the title of the Champion of Russia notwithstanding the nationality of the club. 16 best teams of the regular season of KHL play for Gagarin's Cup  in the series of up to four victories.

On the front side of Gagarin's Cup, the portrait of Yuri Gagarin in a spacesuit and a flying comet are engraved, on the other side there is an image of a hockey player. The emblem of KHL is on the basis of the cup. Around the circumference, the cup is decorated with the small pucks on which the names of the teams - holders of the trophy are engraved. The name of the main trophy of KHL is not occasional - Yuri Gagarin will always remain the first man in the space ever, his image is associated with the greatest achievements.
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