A unique postage stamp with the fluorescence effect 03.02.2016

For the first time in the history of the Russian philately, the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak has applied a special transparent UV-luminescent ink for the production of a souvenir sheet dedicated to the 175th anniversary of birth of A.I. Kuindzhi, a Russian painter.

Natalia Yesenina, an engineer and technologist of the Moscow Printing Factory, noted the uniqueness of the souvenir sheet printing technology:
“Stamp, and moreover, chalk-coated paper is not designed for printing with a UV-ink. Such paper is much thinner and more capricious than the banknote paper. UV-luminescent inks are usually applied for the products of various security degrees only.
The customers wanted a special and exclusive technology to be applied for the production of the stamp dedicated to Kuindzhi. But for the strictly limited time for the souvenir sheet production, the specialists of the Moscow Printing Factory could have applied relief stamping too. As a result, we applied an ink with the fluorescence effect, as an anti-counterfeiting security element of the stamp”, said Natalia Yesenina.

On the stamp itself, on A. Kuindzhi’s “Moonlit night on the Dnieper” painting, one can see fluorescence of the moon and clouds in the night sky, and the moonlight reflecting in the water below, with the help of a UV-lamp. On the margins of the souvenir sheet there is a “Portrait of an artist, Arkhip Ivanovich Kuindzhi” by Kramskoi.

The customers - Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka" – provided the souvenir sheet sketch. The author of the sheet design is M. Zhuravleva, and artist.

The souvenir sheet was offset-printed on chalk-coated paper with partial varnishing, with four process inks and a transparent UV-luminescent ink.

The souvenir sheet perforation is frame-like: 12:12 ½. The sheet size is 120х94 mm, the size of the stamp in the souvenir sheet is 50х42 mm. The number of souvenir sheets is 70 000 pieces. The face value is 50 roubles.
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