The 150th anniversary of birth of Patriarch Tikhon 22.12.2015

The postage stamp dedicated to Patriarch Tikhon created by the craftsmen of the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak under the order of Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka" is designed in an interesting but already traditional way for the Russian stamps with a dramatic theme.

“The stamp was printed with four inks. The theme is serious, responsible. We worked upon the complexion of the Patriarch a lot, upon the beard, so that everything would look decent, natural and not plain”, said Natalia Esenina, an engineer and technologist of the Head Technologist’s Department of the Moscow Printing Factory. “The frame glistens as if it were made of bronze. We achieved this interesting effect with the combination of ordinary inks. The high-quality stamp paper to which the inks are applied provides special glitter and luminescence. Against the murderous glow, the flickering black and yellow tones look like gold reflections. The stamp turned out to be very decent. It was very important to us. Because the character of the stamp was a special man, a great personality with a tragic destiny.    

M. Bodrova, a designer, was the author of the stamp design. The stamp was printed on chalk-coated paper using multicoloured offset. The perforation is comb-type 11 ½: 12. The stamp size is 37х50 mm. It was printed in the number of 306 000 pieces. The size of the stamp sheet is 168х170. The number of stamps on the sheet is 12 (4х3). The number of sheets is 33 000.

By the way,

Tikhon (Vasily Ivanovich Belavin, 1865–1925) was the first Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia after the Patriarchate restoration (since 1917 till 1925). The representatives of the new power hated and constantly persecuted Patriarch Tikhon, whose service took place during the first years of the soviet power. In the conditions of the revolution and the civil war Patriarch Tikhon took measures to normalize the relations of the clergy and believers with the state, he called for stopping the bloodshed, was against the decrees about separating the church from the state and seizure of the church valuables. The whole patriarchate of Most Holy Tikhon was a constant martyrdom. When the state representatives offered him to go abroad forever, Patriarch Tikhon said, “I will not go anywhere but will suffer here together with my people and do my duty till the end set by God”. In 1922 he was arrested and shut in Donskoy Monastery under a false charge of anti-soviet activity. During all the years of his service Patriarch Tikhon was practically in prison and died in conflict and sorrow.    

Most Holy Patriarch Tikhon passed away on March 25, 1925, on the Feast of the Annunciation and was buried at Donskoy Monastery in Moscow. Donskoy Monastery is located in a half-an-hour walk from the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak, where the stamps with his portrait were produced.

In 1988 Tikhon was beatified by the Russian Orthodox Church. The day of praising Sanctifier Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, is celebrated on October 9.  
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