Information message of the Press-Service of Goznak 23.12.2015

       The banknote of the Bank of Russia devoted to Crimea and Sevastopol with the face value of 100 roubles put in circulation on December 23, 2015 is the second commemorative banknote in the history of the Russian currency circulation.  
    Together with the colleagues from the Central Bank, the artists and technologists of Goznak have worked upon the unique banknote for more than a year. The authors of the design of the new commemorative banknote continuing the city series of the Russian banknotes are Tahir Seifulin, Head Artist of the Security Technology Directorate of Goznak, and Sergey Kozlov, Head of the Currency Unit Design Sector of the Cash Turnover Department of the Bank of Russia.
      The design authors have managed to create an intact, unified image of the banknote. The principal accent of one of the sides is on the image of the Monument to the Sunk Ships in the Bay of Sevastopol. On the other side of the banknote, the accent is on the architectural monuments of Crimea. In the center of the composition on this side, there is an intaglio gravure with the image of “Swallow’s Nest” on the ground of Monastyr-Burun branch. As a result, we’ve managed to reflect the military and historical glory of the peninsula with the example of the hero city of Sevastopol and demonstrate the cultural heritage of Crimea.  
    The Bank of Russia is putting in circulation a banknote with both sides equally filled with information and security features. None of the sides can be considered the front one. According to the modern tendencies of the banknote design, the vertical composition of the image was chosen; it helped to create a heavenward image comprising the multitude of symbols of those places blessed with a centuries-long majestic history.
       The vertical composition was also used in the design of the Olympic commemorative banknote. It is possible that the design of all future commemorative banknotes will be vertical if they are to be issued.
         It is becoming a tradition to apply new security developments of the specialists of Goznak and new combinations of the already traditional security features during the development of the set of security features and the production of commemorative banknotes of the Bank of Russia. The banknote devoted to Crimea and Sevastopol   is better protected than an ordinary banknote with the same face value.      
       Even the traditional watermark of the banknote has been produced under a new technology combining a multitoned watermark with a filigree integrated into it for the first time. As a result, we’ve received high-constrast images – the necklace and the diadem of the Empress on the watermark are made with a contrasting light element.
    The second moment it is worth to pay attention to is the application of the symbol of rouble in the banknote design. It is represented in a few elements of the banknote, including the covert image on the side dedicated to Sevastopol. The symbol of rouble appears on the intaglio band when observed at different angles.  The banknote face value (100 in this case) is placed on the security thread, and microdemetalization is applied; it has not been applied in the set of security features of the Russian banknotes before. Microdemetalization can be observed on the security thread in transmitted light in the shape of the symbol of the Russian rouble.  
A security feature made in the shape of the face value figures changing colour when the banknote is tilted is applied for the banknote security for the first time. It “works” on both the sides of the banknote simultaneously.
On the banknote side dedicated to Crimea there is an element hardly observed in daylight. However, a bright-green bunch of grapes is clearly seen in UV light. The specialists of Goznak chose special inks for printing this element. They possess all necessary security properties; they are easy to manufacture and practically invisible. The image of a bunch of grapes also containing security features supplements the story about Crimea.
On the side dedicated to Crimea the QR code is located on the side dedicated to Crimea, against the background of the pixel strip with inscriptions “Crimea” and “100”. The strip is made in such a way that the QR code embedded into it does not strike the eye. The QR code contains a link to a web page of the site of the Bank of Russia with a detailed description of the commemorative banknote.
The QR code is shown on the banknote of the Bank of Russia for the first time. It will possibly occur on banknotes more often in the future, to help people find the banknote description and the information about its verification.
  The issue of a commemorative banknote of the Bank of Russia is an interesting tradition being born come up beneath our eyes. Such banknotes attract great interest. Creating such an unusual banknote, the specialists of Goznak gain experience that will be definitely applied in the future.
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