Coins for Belarus were struck at the Moscow Mint02.12.2015

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus has put in circulation two commemorative coins Ţ (The Eurasian Economic Union) struck at the Moscow Mint of Goznak.

O. Novoselova, a Belarusian designer, located a relief image of the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Belarus in the central circle of the obverse of both the coins framed with a geometrical ornament. Inscriptions are engraved around the circumference ˲ ܔ (the Republic of Belarus) in the top; the face values are in the bottom -  20 ˨ (20 roubles) on the silver coin, and 1 ܔ (1 rouble) on the copper-nickel one. In the area of the outer circle, there are stylized images of people, birds, horse-riders, houses symbolizing wealth and prosperity. On the right-hand side of the bottom, the year of minting is stated 2015; on the left-hand side of the silver coin the standard of alloy is specified Ag 925.    

On the reverse side of the commemorative coins there is a diamond framed with a geometrical ornament, in which the emblem of the Eurasian Economic Union and an inscription around the circumference šDzʲ ̲ ǔ (The Eurasian Economic Union) are located. Around the diamond, there is a stylized image of people joining hands, houses and birds, symbolizing the common home and the unity of peoples. The stylized images on the coins were made using the laser engraving method.

The face value of the coin minted of sterling silver in the number of 750 pieces is 20 roubles. The minting quality is proof, the weight of the coin is 33.94 g, the weight of silver in purity is 31.1 g, the diameter is 39 mm.
The face value of the other coin minted of copper-nickel is 1 rouble. The minting quality is proof-like, the coin weight is 14.35 g, the diameter is 33 mm, and the number is 2000 pieces.

The specialists of the Moscow Mint have executed orders of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus more than once already. According to Sergey Boyev, Head Technologist, minting of the Eurasioan Economic Union coins took place in the customary mode.  Meanwhile, a large part of the area of both the sides of the coins was made using the tools created with the help of laser engraving.
The chemical composition of the silver alloy of the coins just like of all products of sterling silver produced at the Moscow Mint of Goznak corresponds to the Russian GOST Standard.  

Co-operation of this kind usually takes place in the on-line mode and does not require the presence of the customers representatives at the mint. The coins are struck according to the same quality criteria as those applied to the coins of the Bank of Russia.

The Russian coin minters note creative scrupulousness of the Belarusian designers they have done everything possible to enliven the sketches and samples of the coins during the work.

The specialists of the Moscow Mint also did everything possible on their side for the Belarusian coins to be executed excellently.

The engravings on both the sides of the coins are graphical; therefore, it wasnt necessary to carry out their modelling. But at the same time some of the elements of the engraving were very small. Therefore, Mikhail Atmeneev, a specialist of the Territorial Arts Studio in Moscow, had to do a great work of refining the sketches and their adaptation to the technological opportunities of the Moscow Mint to implement the coins in metal.  

It was a serious job, and therefore the Head Technologist noted specially Denis Chernolutskiy, Vladimir Suvorin and Boris Prizont, toolmakers, Valery Shalunov and Alexei Ilyin, technologists, Sergey Nikolskiy, Sergey Sergeev and Maxim Korshunov, minters. Svetlana Tarasova, Galina Yavorskaya and Oxana Burmiy controlled the quality of the coins.  

Everybody worked with a special feeling and mood.
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