Our stamp is the best again!09.10.2015

The Toys stamp printed at the Moscow Printing Factory under the order of the Publishing and Trading Centre "Marka" was named the best at the Best Stamp Competition of Europe 2015 program.

On September 19, 2015 in Brussels there was an awarding ceremony of the Best Stamp Competition of Europe 2015 program. The jury chose the Russian postage stamp Toys to be the best. A stamp from Sweden occupied the second position, from Latvia the third one. Dolls and teddy bears are depicted on them.

Representatives of the post administrations of the European countries, representatives of PostEurop and the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Kingdom of Belgium attended the ceremony.

This year, 55 postage stamps were submitted to the competition. Experts in philately were in the competition jury. Stamps of the EUROPE program have been issued by the European post administrations/enterprises with EUROPA logo since 1956. These special stamps are the symbol of aspiration of Europe to closer integration and co-operation. Since 1993, PostEurop has been responsible for the emission of stamps of EUROPE program.

In Russia the stamp Issue of EUROPE program. Toys was put into post circulation on January 16, 2015. It is the first Russian stamp with the official symbol of rouble.

The author of the stamp design was V. Beltyukov, an artist and designer. The already famous specialists of Goznak, S.V. Isakov, A.N. Gordyuk and A.N. Shatokhina printed it. The 700th Anniversary of Birth of Saint Sergiy of Radonezh stamp printed with their participation has recently received the second international award.

The stamp size is 37x50 mm, the sheet size is 168x170 mm. The perforation is comb-like 11:12 .

The product form is a sheet with formed margins of 12 (4x3) stamps.

The number is 420 thousand stamps (35 thousand sheets).

The Carrousel Dymkovo toy and Matrioshka dolls are depicted on the stamp.

According to Olga Govorova, an engineer and technologist of the Department of Head Technologist of the Moscow Printing Factory, the stamp was offset-printed in four inks on chalk-coated paper.

The mirroring arrangement of stamps on the stamp sheet is so unusual that at first we decided there was a mistake on the sketch. But the artist explained that such a composition of stamps was not chosen incidentally the philatelists receive an opportunity to choose an unusual composition of stamps with a non-standard arrangement in relation to one another

The stamp was printed easily, without technical problems, and this fact proves the skills of our printers. We considered the customers only remark during the colour correction they asked us to make the stamp brighter, more childlike.

The stamp turned out light, airy and colourful. The white margins give the sensation of space, and the multicoloured inscription on the margins corresponds to the style of the Dymkovo toys and the carrousel.

The bright laconic image on the stamps brings the associations of childhood, fairy-tales, fairy-tale Russia.

The Issue of EUROPE program. Toys postage stamp was the second Russian stamp of the series that won a high award. We would like to remind that the Visit to Russia miniature with the image of a girl in the Russian national costume a hostess meeting guests with bread and salt, also printed at the Moscow Printing Factory of Goznak, received an award of the Best Stamp Competition of EUROPE 2012 program.

By the way, The history of issuing postage stamps with EUROPA logo counts more than 50 years. For the first time in 1956 six countries Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Luxembourg organized the joint issue of stamps with EUROPA logo and thus started the project. The Association of State Post Operators of Europe (PostEurop) founded in 1993 is an officially accepted regional union of the Universal Postal Union. Issuing postage stamps with EUROPA logo is one of the main activities of the Association. Stamps of the first issues had the dame design, but later on, they started to reflect the national peculiarities of the countries. The Russian Federation has participated in the program since 1995.

The theme of 2015 is Toys. The Dymkovo toy depicted on the winning stamp is one of the Russian folk crafts. The figures are moulded out of clay in parts, then dried and burnt, covered with whitewash and painted with yellow, blue, green, red inks to attach special brightness and smartness. The usual characters are young people, clowns, ladies, gallants, nursemaids with children, domestic animals, turkeys, roosters, deer.

Matrioshka is a Russian wooden toy in the shape of a painted doll with smaller similar figures inside. The number of the enclosed dolls is usually from three to twelve. They have the shape of an egg with the flat bottom and consist of two parts top and bottom. Traditionally, a woman in a sarafan, an apron and a kerchief is painted on the Matrioshka doll.

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